The Book of Magical Herbs: Herbal History, Mystery, & Folklore

The Book of Magical Herbs: Herbal History, Mystery, & Folklore The Book Of Magical Herbs Herbal History, Mystery, Amp Folklore Free Download Author Margaret Picton Ivogue The Secret, Life Enhancing Powers Of Nature S Own Herbs Are The Subject Of This Fascinating Illustrated Collection Of Folklore And Fact Magical Recipes That Have Come Down Through The Ages Are Presented Here To Charm, Soothe, Protect, And Heal Among The Wild And Cultivated Herbs Discussed Are Bay Used By Greek Oracles To Foretell The Future, Later Used In Good Luck Charms Garlic Used Since Ancient Times For Its Many Medicinal Properties And As Protection Against Witchcraft Bergamot Native To North America, And Used To Make Liberty Tea After The Boston Tea Party Lavender Used In Love Potions From Ancient To Modern Times Basil A Fertility Herb In Roman Times, And Later Used As A Common Household Cure For Numerous ComplaintsWith Individual Sections Describing A Total Of Herbs, The Author Presents Than Herbal Recipes Culinary, Medical, And Cosmetic Drawn From Ancient And Modern Sources She Also Provides Fascinating Information On The History And Use Of Magical Herbs In Many Different Parts Of The World Approximately Beautiful, Full Color Illustrations Add To Readers Delight And Fascination With One Of The World S Most Ancient And Enduring Practices

  • 2.1
  • 137
  • English
  • 21 July 2017
  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • 9780764152245
  • The Book of Magical Herbs: Herbal History, Mystery, & Folklore
  • Margaret Picton

10 thoughts on “The Book of Magical Herbs: Herbal History, Mystery, & Folklore

  1. Sarah Goodwin says:

    Basically a coffee table book that doesn t live up to its cover Most of the contents is a nonsensical mishmash of Christian Hindu Olden times Greek Roman lore, with little to no explanation of why these things were believed or how to incorporate them into practice A lot of the different lore for the same herbs is contradictory because its been sourced from so many places I assume, there s no bibliography.I was lu...

  2. Jennifer Heise says:

    Oh dear There are definitely some pieces in here that are historical Some, however, are not, and some are just random No information is credited there s not even a bibliography and there are some uses I would find questionable There s no real time reference our ancestors in the middle ages or somesuch is used for something that dates to the 19th century and Romans and Victorians are spread all over everything The author appears to have taken a mismash of material from their reading, notebooks, and perhaps whatever they recalled from memory, seasoned it with references from Mrs Grieve s A Modern Herbal and some quotations that may appear elsewhere, and stirred it all together There are ideas that I ve never seen before, and quotes, but not enough information is given to recognize the source The book is attractive and has nice pictures, but I am highly doubtful of the provenance of any given fact in it It s not a magi...

  3. Iren says:

    It is an extensive description of herbs we see in an every day life But what saddened me the most was the presence of only 25 herbs In some way I expected .

  4. Jessica P says:

    Touches lightly on the information in the book Enjoyed reading about folklore and stories surrounding it.

  5. Mariana says:

    This is a good first book on herbs.

  6. William says:

    An odd, but entertaining, book with lots of recipes, poetry, folklore etc.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Very interesting.

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