Maple Leaf Empire

Maple Leaf Empire Read Maple Leaf Empire Jonathan F Vance The Ineffable Character Of Britishness Has Been Used, Often Enigmatically, To Describe Canada S Distinct Cultural Flavour Within North America This Mysterious Quality, Writes Award Winning Writer Jonathan Vance, Goes Back To The Early Days Of Canadian History, And Consists Of Far Than The Sum Of Early Migration Patterns It Emerges From A Long Standing Respect For British Liberal Ideals And An Identification With The British Empire Canada S Own Unique Brand Of Britishness Evolved Over A History Of Shared Military Endeavor, As Canadians Fought Alongside Others To Defend The Ideals That The British Empire Was Deemed To Represent To Understand Canada S History Of Britishness, Vance Looks Into The Military Past Of Both Countries The Fabric Of Canadian Life In The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries Owes A Great Deal To The Presence Of British Military And This, Observes Vance, Is A Two Way Relationship He Reminds Us That During The Two World Wars, Close To A Million Canadians Travelled To The United Kingdom In This Form Of Reverse Colonialism, Canadians Established Modest Outposts In Britain, And Parts Of The Country Were Canadianized This New, Outside The Box Narrative Is Jonathan Vance At His Best Beautifully Written, Based On Original Research In The True Sense Of The Word, And Illustrated With Previously Unseen Materials, This Book Reveals A Side Of Canada Often Forgotten By Historians.

  • 4.5
  • 827
  • English
  • 25 December 2018
  • Hardcover
  • 252 pages
  • 9780195448092
  • Maple Leaf Empire
  • Jonathan F. Vance

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  1. Chris says:

    Vance is certainly adept at writing a gripping military history All of his descriptions of battles and tactics used by Canadians during the World Wars was superbly written However, that was of a sub plot to the real focus of this book Vance certainly does well in exploring the Canadian Forces occupation of Britain between 1914 and 1939, but his writing does get a bit repetative and boring at times Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book, and learned a lot about what it was like for a Ca...

  2. Bernie Davis says:

    A history and analysis of Canadian society and contributions to the success of World War 2 especially its contributions to saving of Great Britain, along with other Dominion powers Australia etc.

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