The Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications

The Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications Free The Copyeditor S Handbook A Guide For Book Publishing And Corporate Communications By Amy Einsohn Contrasaustall The Copyeditor S Handbook Is A Lively, Practical Manual For Newcomers To Publishing And For Experienced Editors Who Want To Fine Tune Their Skills Or Broaden Their Understanding Of The Craft This Book May Be Used For Self Instruction Or As A Textbook In Copyediting Classes The Exercises Are Accompanied By Answer Keys And Detailed Line By Line ExplanationsThe Third Edition Features Updates Reflecting The Th Edition Of The Chicago Manual Of Style And The Most Current Editions Of Other Major Style Manuals Additional Updates To Register Technology Driven Changes In Onscreen Editing Procedures And Typecoding A Revised Chapter On Resources For Editors Expanded Bibliography And Glossary

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  • 04 December 2017
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  • The Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications
  • Amy Einsohn

10 thoughts on “The Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications

  1. Betsy says:

    It s been 44 years since I started my first job out of college, as a copy editor at Scott, Foresman, educational publishers Throughout my incredibly checkered career, one consistent thread has been editing No matter what the job or where it s taken me, my editorial switch just always seems to be in the on position This is the context for my reading of Amy Einsohn s very useful guide to copyediting Now that I m retired from the completely engrossing field of user experience design, in which I worked as an information architect for many years, my dial is recalibrating to the somewhat less engrossing work of copyediting I ve been busy with this ever since I left VSA Partners, eager to abandon the software du jour requirements that made the job increasingly technical and ever demanding.I knew I needed some help in navigating the Chicago Manual of Style, which had tripled in size since my first copy, the 12th edition, in 1968 The 16th edition is over 1,000 pages and is fondly referred to as the orange monster by some of my editor pals So I signed up for a couple of refresher courses offered online by the Editorial Freelancers Association, based in New York.E...

  2. Ashley says:

    This review is for the Third Edition, published in 2011 With all of the books out there on copyediting, it s not easy to know which ones are worthwhile and which ones are just freshly packaged regurgitation of stuff we already know I d heard of this book and made a mental note but it wasn t until I came across Carol Fisher Saller s glowing praise and her interview with Einsohn on Saller s Subversive Copyeditor blog that I was sold If it s good enough for our snarky friend at the University of Chicago Press, it s good enough for me.And while The Chicago Manual of Style will always be my first love, who wouldn t appreciate a handbook with little gems like this The American Revolution may have freed the colonies from British rule and British spelling , but the legacy of post Elizabethan social and political anxiety is still with us, in the form of, among other niceties, the taboo on ending sentences with prepositions, the turmoil over less and fewer , and the injunction against splitting infinitives The 560 page book 430 not counting glossaries, answer key, and index is divided into three parts The ABCs of Copyediting which gets a narrow 67 pages Editorial Style the bulk of the book for people who have a good ear for the English language but don t necessarily remember all the rules, this part will help you go back and learn why your ear tells you to punctuate a certain way and Lang...

  3. Andy says:

    Half the people on the major freelance editing and writing circuit have desktop published their own books which they ll happily sell you in PDF format , and not one that I ve read is worth a yard sale price Einsohn s book, on th...

  4. Thomas Ray says:

    If you are reading this, you ll know the truth of this quote

  5. Jennifer says:

    If you are looking for a comprehensive book on copyediting search no farther This book covers what copyediting is and isn t, the different levels of copyediting, principles and pitfalls, and grammar There are tons of great examples and exercises throughout the book, and the reference section was ...

  6. Clare Fitzgerald says:

    So my last career move was to take a copy editor position at a place that was happy to hire me with just my experience in technical editing and proofreading, and then proceeded to have no training in copy editing at all, let alone the substantive and developmental editing that they also expected In an unsuccessful bid to self train, I read The Copyeditor s Handbook, by Amy Einsohn.Now, when I say this bid to self train was unsuccessful, I do not mean that the book did not help me learn a lot about copyediting and improve, as nearly everyone I worked with regularly commented that I was improving It s just that it did not save me my job, as the people I worked with and the people who decided who stayed and who got purged were different people, and the latter did not consult the former.But I am glad I read the book anyway, for it is really an excellent treasure trove of information about what copyediting is, how best to approach it, what makes it different from other kinds of editing information I sadly had to ignore but which I have filed away for future use in other positions , how office copyediting jobs are usually set up this was where it was most obvious that the subject of the book was traditional book publishing, which is not what I was doing , and most importantly, how to do it This involved a lot of exercises The exercises were particularly great because they had an answer key that not only gave the r...

  7. Swapnali Saikia says:

    This was my first book purchase when I took up my first job as an editor for technology writing in the corporate world The found the book extremely helpful, because we hardly had any guidance or training on the art and science of copyediting What I best liked about this book ...

  8. Carrow Brown says:

    I was looking for a book about copyediting and this was a repeated referral After reading, I can see why It s fantastic in presentation, clear writing, and an easy read I meant to take a week to read it, but finished it in a few days The exercises in the book are a great ...

  9. Heather says:

    This is a terrific reference book The book represents a lot of research and knowledge Each chapter has many examples to demonstrate problems in writing, including practice sections at the end It took me a while to read the entire book, but I know it will be a handy reference tool in the future.

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