Badiou and Politics

Badiou and Politics Ebook Badiou And Politics Bruno Bosteels Badiou And Politics Offers A Much Anticipated Interpretation Of The Work Of The Influential French Philosopher Alain Badiou Countering Ideas Of The Philosopher As A Dogmatic, Absolutist, Or Even Mystical Thinker Enthralled By The Force Of The Event As A Radical Break, Bruno Bosteels Reveals Badiou S Deep And Ongoing Investment In The Dialectic Bosteels Draws On All Of Badiou S Writings, From The Philosopher S Student Days In The 1960s To The Present, As Well As On Badiou S Exchanges With Other Thinkers, From His Avowed Masters Louis Althusser And Jacques Lacan, To Interlocutors Including Gilles Deleuze, Slavoj I Ek, Daniel Bensa D, Jacques Derrida, Ernesto Laclau, And Judith Butler Bosteels Tracks The Philosopher S Political Activities From The Events Of May 1968 Through His Embrace Of Maoism And The Work He Has Done Since The 1980s, Helping To Mobilize France S Illegal Immigrants Or Sans Papiers Ultimately, Bosteels Argues For Understanding Badiou S Thought As A Revival Of Dialectical Materialism, And He Illuminates The Philosopher S Understanding Of The Task Of Theory To Define A Conceptual Space For Thinking Emancipatory Politics In The Present.

  • 2.4
  • 299
  • English
  • 20 March 2018
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • 9780822350767
  • Badiou and Politics
  • Bruno Bosteels

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  1. William West says:

    This book by Bruno Bosteels, the noted translator of Alain Badiou, impressed me a great deal It is not just a book about Badiou but rather uses his career as both philosopher and militant as a focal point for an epic history of French radicalism since May of 1968 I have no reservations about Bosteels work, except to say that it did not fully convince me of the originality of Badiou s thought Having gotten through this challenging and rewarding tome, I still feel that while Badiou s thinking appeals to me on many levels, I cannot shake the suspicion that he is simply repackaging old, Hegelian ideas in a new philosophical language Bosteels s commentary differs from most western treatments of Badiou s work He does not wish to obscure his subject s politics his role in the French Maoist movement of the 1960s and 70s, nor does he understand Badiou s turn towards an ontology of mathematics as a rejection of his former radicalism Instead, Bosteels argues that politics has always been, and remains in the mathematical period, a privileged category of inquiry for Badiou Indeed, Bosteels does not see Being and Event, the work in which Badiou turns towards math, as a break so much as a reassessment of Badiou s own idiosyncratic take on dialectical thinking Bosteels argues that Badiou s oeuvre introduced a new version of dialectical thinking that is based on the relationship between void and excess rather than the process of Hegelian and, to a ...

  2. Will says:

    This will not be a full review More like a couple of quick notes for a recommendation Bruno Bosteels really is a clear writer which helps to understand Badiou much better I have read a lot of Badiou at this point and this book helped me understand the philosopher much better Bosteels does an excellent job tracing Badiou s Maoism as well as continuation wit...

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