Morte DArthur, Le

Morte DArthur, Le Download Morte DArthur, Le Thomas Malory The Greatest English Version Of The Stories Of King Arthur, Le Morte D Arthur Was Completed In 1469 70 By Sir Thomas Malory, Knight Prisoner This Edition Is The First Designed For The General Reader To Be Based On The Winchester Manuscript Which Represents What Malory Wrote Closely Than The Version Printed By William Caxton Extensively Annotated, This Edition Is Highly User Friendly.

  • 4.5
  • 855
  • English
  • 20 June 2017
  • Hardcover
  • 411 pages
  • 9780460010467
  • Morte DArthur, Le
  • Thomas Malory

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  2. Evripidis Gousiaris says:

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  3. Phillip.c.lacey says:

    This was an enjoyable read, if you like knights and stuff The story is a metaphor for the shift in beliefs of many gods to the belief in the Christian god I learned that knights pretty much spend their time on quests and challenging each other at the drop of a hat A typical example would be a conversation like this I say, Sir Gallahad, the color red is above all the best color I disagree, Sir P...

  4. Alexis Hall says:

    Okay, the Morte d Arthur is weird as hell but I love it because it saved my life.Well maybe not my life.But some part of my life.Basically at university there was this exam where you had to analyse a bit of Medieval poetry given to you from a set selection of texts Everyone did Pearl because it was short and the other option were insane one of them being THE ENTIRETY of the fucking Morte.Anyway, I hate Pearl.It all looks the same.And that guy has some creepy ideas about his daughter, just sayin.So I open up the paper and there s a bit of Pearl And of course it looks like every other bit of Pearl Blah blah daughter blah blah Jesus.So I m like fuck.So I start looking at the other crap and there s a bit for the Morte which is the bit that everybody knows It s the scene where Lancelot is caught in the Queen s bed chamber and there s a big fight and symbolic blood and he jumps out the window So I did that.And, lo, I lived happily ever after.Honestly, what can you say about the M...

  5. Joanna says:

    SO INSANELY DULL and repetitive that it s curing my chronic insomnia I m not sure I can get through it, it s just making me so angryas a genuine fan of King Arthur and his knights and adventures, I m sorely disappointed in Malory The earliest Arthu...

  6. Louis says:

    In my opinion, the definitive version of the Arthurian legend.I have read 6 different ones and I always come back to this one.

  7. Marie says:

    Have I read enough medieval romance to be able to judge this work with its contemporaries I m gonna go on a limb and say Sorta There were a few frustrations with this work First that the preface said that there is an earlier manuscript of it that they didn t use, so I m all Wait, why give us the later if there s an earlier Why tell us about it just to tease us The translator s notes tended to be next to useless, leaving confusing words undefined and telling me for the fifth time that gules means red, which, dude, I know Also don t need a definition for Seneschal , kthnx.Secondly, it reads like a summary Malory was obviously summarizing several sources and trying to make them sort of fit together, which they don t So there are lots of confusing bits just how many sisters does Arthur have, for example Many passages read like a sporting page for Jousts Who was the...

  8. Jen B says:

    I didn t finish Perhaps some other time, but I found it extremely repetitive.

  9. Nick says:

    2.5 stars

  10. Carolina Casas says:

    It was a great joy to read this again Revisiting the medieval and renaissance eras are my favorite things to do As a tutor I get to do it constantly Re reading this reminded me how important it is to remember our history, to go back to the past and see what inspired our favorite filmmakers and fantasy authors.Since its inception, so many authors have tried to do the same few have lived up to what Malory created He was not the first to write about King Arthur and his knights of the round table Several other English authors had done the same What distinguishes Malory is that he did he melded all of the Arthurian romances into one epic story that not only transported his audience back to a time of magic and impossibilities, but gave them something that resonated with them.At the time, the wars of the roses was going on The country was torn between red and white at least that is how the Tudors wanted it to be remembered The truth is far complicated Nonetheless, these were the two major factions leading the conflict and initially a Yorkist, Malory like so many of his comrades became disillusioned with the current regime and cast his lot with Warwick Edward IV, the Yorkist King, ambitious cousin and the King s treacher...

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