Midnight Conquest (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, #1)

Midnight Conquest (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, #1) Download Midnight Conquest Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, 1 Author Arial Burnz Paletterie2000.eu Masked In A Gypsy Guise, Broderick MacDougal Hides His Vampiric Identity While Seeking To Destroy The Man Who Slaughtered His Family When An Old Clan Rival Ensnares Broderick In A Trap Using An Enticing Widow, He Is Compelled To Discover If She Is Bait Or An Accomplice, And The Cinnamon Haired Beauty Is His Next Conquest.Widow Of An Abusive Husband, Davina Stewart Russell Clings To The Only Image That Gave Her Strength During Those Dark Times The Gypsy Rogue Who Stole Her Heart As A Youth After Nine Years, She Is Finally Face To Face With Him Again, But Reality Clashes With Fantasy As She Is Confronted With Broderick S Passionate Pursuit.When Davina S Past Returns To Haunt Her, Broderick Is Forced To Reveal A Dark Secret Worse Than Anything Davina Thought Possible The Challenge Before Them Has Fatal Risks And Neither Of Them Is Prepared For The Sacrifices Expected For The Sake Of Eternal Love.

  • 4.5
  • 882
  • English
  • 04 August 2017
  • Paperback
  • 510 pages
  • 9781463539061
  • Midnight Conquest (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, #1)
  • Arial Burnz

10 thoughts on “Midnight Conquest (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, #1)

  1. Arial Burnz says:

    What can I say I love my own book

  2. A.J. Nuest says:

    Umholy crap This first in the Bonded by Blood Vampire Chronicles by Ms Burnz is OUTSTANDING I fell so in love with Broderick, I walked around the house FOR DAYS just day dreaming about the guy What a great, great hero And the villian At times I wanted to reach inside the book and throttle him around the neck Beautiful love story that spans the life of the heroine, as she battle an abusive husband, the motherly obligation of protecting her child, and a deep emotional connection to a mysterious va...

  3. Alisa says:

    I had the opportunity to read this book as part of a review group It is a historical vampire paranormal read To be honest historical reads are not my thing but I was really intrigued by the synopis of the book as well as the author s adding vampires to the mix In this story Broderick is made a vampire due to a long standy feud with a family enemy Davina is a woman who has been a victim of domestic violence They first meet when she is 13 and she is instintly smitten with him Years later they meet again but this time Broderick thinks she may be part of a plan to harm him A relationship develops between the two but it is a rocky road and they both have many issues of anger, hurt, etc to over come.I felt this was a really solid first book to a series I think it is important to note it is a first book in a series because often they have to devote time to the world building This world was a little confusing to me at first and I found the first few chapters slow going Once it took off it sped right along I enjoyed the characters with all their heroics and all their faults I loved that the author tackled an issues like domestic violenc...

  4. Anna Erishkigal says:

    When reading an Adult oriented paranormal romance, I expect the following 1 World building 2 Likeable hero 3 Likeable heroine 4 Realistic villain s 5 Plausible system of magic 6 Literary style of writing 7 Secondary characters 8 Romance 9 Hot sex 10 Realistic plot 10 Pacing 11 Editing 12 Grammar 13 Bad writing habits 14 Met expectations happily ever after I really wanted to round this book up to 4 stars because, in the end I enjoyed it and do not consider the.99 cents I paid for it to be a waste of money I am sympathetic to the budget constraints imposed upon Indie authors when it comes to the cost benefit payoff to hire a professional editor or how hard it can be to find beta readers who give you their HONEST opinion and not tell you what you want to hear However, this book really needs another pass through a shark pit of fellow critique writers who will tear it apart and make it bleed red ink Since this is the first book in the series and also the advertisement which will encourage readers to purchase subsequent books, I do hope the author will consider doing just that.Things that knocked me out of the story 1 Info dumps The first chapter should really be pared down to a short, 1 2 page peek into how the hero got where he is now The rest should be w...

  5. Arial Burnz says:

    Of course I loved my own book But I m posting this for tutorial purposes Thank you

  6. The Project says:

    Have you ever read a book and thought, if this person doesn t get a happy ever after I m going to throw this book across the room and never read this author again Yeah, me too And that s how I felt during this book The author really made you feel so much compassion that I thought to myself, where is the line between character building and too much drama But I came to the realization that such character building makes the happily ever after that much sweeter It also explains the connection between Davina and Broderick Davina had her very own romantic hero when she met Broderick and she kept that vision to see her through very dark times I did find her behavior odd when they met again, I mean who wouldn t want a sexy, flirty, gorgeous gypsy vampire Where can I sign up for one I also thought the story arc that will cross through the ...

  7. Dianne says:

    REVIEW UPDATE I JUST HAD THE PLEASURE OF LISTENING TO MIDNIGHT CONQUEST ON AN AUDIO BOOK ALL I CAN SAY IS UMHOLY CRAP AGAIN WHAT AN EXPERIENCE 5 STARS FOR GREAT STORYTELLING I don t normally read any reviews before writing my own, but one caught my eye and pretty much reflected my exact thoughts Um holy crap Thanks, A.J Talk about historical paranormal romantic bliss wrapped in dark intrigue Midnight Conquest by Arial Burnz sent me back to a time and place where superstitions and myths can become reality, gypsies have the sight, and two souls can find bone deep love that will last an eternity.Davina meets the man she feels sure she is destined to love as a child, but there is to Broderick than his handsome appearance, much and soon he is gone The years go by, Davina has married an abusive man, had his child and freed herself from his brutal clutches Broderick comes back into her life, and although they have both changed, their hearts have not But will loving Davina put her in danger from an ancient enemy out to destroy Broderick Will she accept who and what he is Arial Burnz rocked my w...

  8. June Ahern says:

    Midnight Conquest by Arial BurtzI normally do not read vampire or romance but since I ve read a short piece by this author before, I did Ms Bunrtz is a talented writer The cover of the book is also eye catching too for those who like big brawny Scottish Highlanders Since I don t read much on ereaders, I found it difficult to get through 1500 pages albeit the enjoyable, certainly not boring, colorful tale set in 1500 Highlands, Scotland Men in kilts, nice if only have you been to Scotland Nary a kilt nor big brawny We get a slightly different view on vampires or as Ms Burtz calls thenm, vamsyrian They are ruled by a council, subject to strict laws, kill to survive and have no humanity Sorry, the council lies, we learn.The story begins with Broderick, the main character, and blood everywhere and him in such bad shape, a blood slave for females, and an enemy who wants to destroy him confronts poor vampire guy He must decide to live, die, OR get revenge Door 3 please An old clan rival, Angus, catches Broderick by using a hot widow, Davina Stewart Russell, and being a studly vampire, he is drawn to her, but questions if she s Angus bait to catch him or an accomplice Women, can t trust them, BroderickThe widow has her own issues scares from her dead wife beating husband, a hung up on a past romantic tryst with Gypsy rogue no good, but in bed good,...

  9. WildAboutBones says:

    This is the first in Burnz s Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles series Vampires, a long time blood feud, gypsies, two surprising revelations, two romances and a prophecy grace the pages of this paranormal romance Set in 16th century Scotland, Burnz does a good job of letting the history act as a background, not another character in the story It is there for flavor and not to take over the story So no, this is not a historical romance.Broderick began his Vamsyrian immortal life as a Blood Slave Betrayed by his wife to his enemy, he was turned by the same enemy at his request so he would be able to continue to seek revenge against his enemy He soon thereafter joins and travels with a Gypsy caravan reading fortunes.Davina, stuck in a marriage where she is frequently beaten, had met Broderick when she was 13 and has loved him since Her husband is now dead, killed in battle as were her father, brother and father in law Her child thrives in the absence of its father But Ian s body was never found and Davina has nightmares that he comes back.Nine years have passed since that Gypsy caravan and Broderick have been to town Broderick dreams of a grown up Davina, awakening him from his day sleep wit...

  10. Jasmin says:

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal.Broderick McDougal, once a man of wealth, is now traveling as a gypsy in order to hide his vampiric identity But he isn t just traveling for fun, no, now he wants revenge He wants to kill the man, who destroyed his life, until he meets young DavinaDavina used to be a happy and naive young girl, but life didn t happen in her favor, when she was married to a violent man Now the only hope in her life is the gypsy, who might come to rescue herAt first I expected this novel to be about Broderick and his revenge, but in fact most of the novel centers around Davina While I was a little bit disappointed, I still enjoyed reading though Davina is a really nice and likeable character You just have to pity her for her father s bad choice to have her marry a horrible man Although I m not so sure about Broderick, he has some kind of shady parts, I like both of them as a ...

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