Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer Tropic Of Cancer Read Author Henry Miller Ap S Dias De Paz Em Clichy E Big Sur E As Laranjas E Hieronymus Bosh, A Editora Jos Olympio Reedita O Primeiro E Mais Famoso Romance De Henry Miller Tr Pico De C Ncer, Publicado No Ano De 1934, Em Paris, Foi Imediatamente Proibido Em Todos Os Pa Ses De L Ngua Inglesa Tachado Como Pornogr Fico, O Livro, Assim Como Seu Sucessor Tr Pico De Capric Rnio, S Foi Liberado Nos Estados Unidos E Na Inglaterra Nos Anos 60, Aclamado Como Parte Da Revolu O Sexual Pol Micas Parte, Tr Pico De C Ncer Foi Celebrado Pelos Maiores Intelectuais Da Poca E Se Tornou Um Dos Grandes Cl Ssicos Da Literatura Americana.Samuel Beckett O Saudou Como Um Evento Monumental Da Hist Ria Da Escrita Moderna George Orwell, Mesmo N O Compartilhando Dos Valores Morais De Miller, Ap S A Leitura De Tr Pico De C Ncer Reconheceu O Autor Como O Nico Escritor De Prosa Com Algum Valor Que Apareceu Entre As Ra As Anglof Nicas Em Algum Tempo Outros Nomes Como T S Eliot, Ezra Pound E Lawrence Durrell Tamb M Notaram Rapidamente O Talento De Miller.Tr Pico De C Ncer Traz Um Relato Autobiogr Fico E Idiossincr Tico De Miller, Que Chega A Paris Ap S Abandonar Nos EUA Um Casamento Arruinado E Uma Carreira Estagnada Mesmo Sem Um Centavo No Bolso, Henry Miller Apresentado Boemia Francesa E Redescobre Seu Pr Prio Talento Em Dias E Noites De Liberdade E Alegria Sem Fim O Miller Que Surge Nesses Livros Uma Pessoa Sincera E Simp Tica, N O Vencida Pela Experi Ncia Um Homem Com Um Insaci Vel Apetite Pelas Realidades Fundamentais E Uma Enorme Capacidade De Se Surpreender Com A Pr Pria Inoc Ncia Se H Alguma Mensagem Em Sua Obra De Algu M Que, Contra Todas As Possibilidades E Apesar Da Maioria Das Provas, Pede Mais Vida , Afirma O Escritor Robert Nye Miller Um Dos Poucos Escritores Modernos Que Podem Levar O Leitor S L Grimas Apenas Pela Press O De Seu Sentimento.

  • 4.5
  • 889
  • Portuguese
  • 01 February 2017
  • Hardcover
  • 286 pages
  • 9788574024912
  • Tropic of Cancer
  • Henry Miller

10 thoughts on “Tropic of Cancer

  1. Jafar says:

    So, I was glancing through some of the reviews here and noticed that someone has totally disparaged this book because its hero is immoral It always bewilders me when people judge a book according to the moral judgment that they pass on its characters Like when I was looking at the reviews of John Updike s Run, Rabbit and saw a woman saying that she hated the book because Angstrom left his wife twice in the book I was like, don t take it personally, lady he s not your husband A lot of people do it They ignore the book and get too tangled up in how likeable the characters are I really don t get this Someone should explain it to me Is Lolita a bad book because it s about a pedophile Should writers feel like their characters will be competing in a popularity contest in the minds of the readers Should we then only read books about angels floating happily in Heaven, doing good things Aren t evil and immorality whatever they mean facts of life that should be dissected and explained by literature I didn t bother with the morality of the hero I don t care if he slept with a whore and then stole her money and ran away...

  2. Jonathan says:

    This may be the greatest book ever written This opening passage proves it I have no money, no resources, no hopes I am the happiest man alive A year ago, six months ago, I thought I was an artist I no longer think about it I am Everything that was literature has fallen from me There are no books to be written, thank God This then This is not a book This is libel, slander, defamation of character This is not a book, in the ordinary sense of the word No, this is a prolonged insult, a gob of spit in the face of Art, a kick in the pants to God, Man, Destiny, Time, Love, Beauty what you ...

  3. Kate says:

    I got through the first 150 pages before I decided that life is too short to waste time reading books you hate Maybe I m not smart enough or deep enough to appreciate a book like Tropic of Cancer, but for me each page was a tedious struggle The author of the book s introduction boldy asserts that Henry Miller is the greatest living author obviously, the edition I read was published prior to Miller s death in 1980 , but I found Miller s frenetic, meandering style tiresome Don t get me wrong, I m not one to carelessly fling aside any book that doesn t capture my attention in the first 100 pages Once I start a book, it s difficult for me to give it up, mostly because it makes me feel like a quitter but I found myself getting angry as I grudgingly plodded through this one I kept thinking, Henry, for chrissakes, give me something...

  4. Paul Bryant says:

    My fiction addictionHad lost all its frictionI needed raw meat but this new stuff was veggiePredictable, safe, and not bold, tough and edgyI thought Tropic of CancerWould be the answerFor years it was bannedThroughout every landBut five c words per pageSuppressed masculine ra...

  5. Michael says:

    Tropic of Cancer is held in high regard by Authors that I respect In particular, George Orwell whose essay, Inside the Whale has high praise for Miller s bravery, directness and honesty.Miller s foul language has lost the power to impress modern readers will not feel the level of shock and awe experienced by previous generations The book has so much critical adulation that I have spent a few weeks ruminating before expressing my own view.I don t like it.Oh, don t mistake me, I get it, I also understand that highbrow intellectual theory is bandied about in praise of the style It leaves me cold.This is an excrescence of a book, but like finding a turd dotted with precious gems, if you can overcome your dislike you will be rewarded by a few flashes of brilliance.I have met parasitic characters like Tropic s ...

  6. Paquita Maria Sanchez says:

    I am going to create a new goodreads bookshelf titled sausage party It will exist solely for Henry Miller.

  7. Jason Pettus says:

    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegally Sorry the last paragraph today gets cut off a few sentences early The CCLaP 100 In which I read for the first time a hundred so called classics, then write reports on whether or not they deserve the labelBook 20 Tropic of Cancer, by Henry Miller 1934 The story in a nutshell Like many of the other novels to first become commercial hits under the moniker of Modernism see, for example, past CCLaP 100 title Mrs Dalloway from the same period , Henry Miller s infamously raunchy Tropic of Cancer from 1934 doesn t bother to concern itself much with traditional plot or a traditional three act structure, but is rather an attempt to capture the details of a particular moment in history in as intense a way as possible, using not only humorous anecdotal tales but also the brand new literary technique known as stream of consciousness And man, what a p...

  8. Robin says:

    I feel like I have been reading this for a thousand years.After reading Anais Nin s The Delta of Venus some months ago, Miller appeared on my radar It seemed only natural to follow up her collection with something of his, given their well known relationship Plus, Tropic of Cancer, Miller s semi autobiographical memoir from his time in Paris, was a banned book in the U.S after its publication in 1934 It wasn t until 30 years later that the Supreme Court deemed it non obscene I love the idea of reading books that the government wants to suppress.But maybe the government had something right after all.Not because it s obscene I mean, yeah, it s pretty bad in parts There s sex, none of it particularly erotic, though Mainly with whores, most of it stomach turning, involving some kind of sexually transmitted disease and or bedbugs Miller loved to think of himself as bohemian , mooching off friends, couch surfing, taking odd jobs, leaving them, bumming meals where he could And then he d march over t...

  9. John Carncross says:

    George Orwell wrote an essay about this book called, Inside the Whale The title alludes to the Jonah story in the bible In that story Jonah rejected his responsibility, ran, and was swallowed by a whale He finally accepted his responsibility and returned to the world In contrast, Orwell s Miller doesn t want to leave the whale God s punishment ironically is Miller s safe and comfortable oasis Miller can attempt to triumph over god in this way because he has chosen an ironic stance towards his life God s punishment is only a punishment for a serious person A serious person makes the world s values and causes his values, his causes Such a person feels happy and safe in the world, has plans, wants to buy a condo in the suburbs, etc The unserious person, on the other hand, is alienated by the world s values and from its causes Slavery, wars, poverty, racism, the rate race inside a whale at the bottom of the ocean with a ton of blubber i...

  10. Steven Godin says:

    Don t really have the enthusiasm to review this in depth, so will be brief This was my second buddy read, reading a chapter per week, the fact Paris was the setting got the thumbs up from me before even turning a page, and I have to admit, I was at first dazzled by Miller s writing, the whole bohemian lifestyle scene was quite extraordinary, if a little exaggerated But over time, I started to drastically lose interest, everything just became a little too childish for my liking, in the way he continually tried to be controversial just for the sake of it He was like a rabid dog that needed the snip I don t mind books being raunchy and erotic, but for characters I didn t really give a monkey s about all that nauseating sex to me just felt empty It s the sort of novel that would feel at home in a filthy toilet cubicle with lots of dirty words scribbled on the sides, rather than a nice Mahogany bookshelf I m now off to try and scrub away Miller and his obnoxious cronies with a nice hot sh...

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