The Mind Masters 2

The Mind Masters 2 PDF The Mind Masters 2 John F Rossmann THE MAN CALLED BRITT To The Public, Britt St Vincent Is A Great Grand Prix Racing Driver To The Pentagon, Britt Is A Dangerous Renegade Scientist Who Quit Their Frighteningly Effective Mind Control Research Project To A Vast Secret Organization Known As Mero, Britt Is A Vital Agent In A Global Struggle Against The Dark Occult Forces Menacing Humanity SHAMBALLAH Finds Britt In The Heart Of The Black Forest Where Deep Below A Ruined Castle The Occult Master Of Nazi Germany Lives On Combining Ancient Psychic Secrets With Modern Computer Technology, And Using Beautiful Girls As Irresistible Weapons Of Seduction And Destruction, This Monstrous Figure Makes Even Britt His Seemingly Helpless Prisoner And Pawn As The World Trembles On The Brink Of Total Terrifying Enslavement.PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A SANITY SHATTERING ORGY OF SATANIC SEX AND HELLISH MIND VIOLENCE AS YOU DESCEND WITH BRITT TO THE ULTIMATE DEPTHS OF EVIL.

  • 4.5
  • 902
  • English
  • 04 January 2017
  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • 9780451064189
  • The Mind Masters 2
  • John F. Rossmann

9 thoughts on “The Mind Masters 2

  1. Wayne says:

    What could of been a fun romp of sex and violence turns out to be a tepid affair of lecture after lecture on psychic science Don t get me wrong there is a lot of sleaze in here Along with that there is little violence A lot of talk about race car driving Our hero is undercover as a Grand Prix driver When a plot does develop, which is very thin, a ex nazi who is going to bring on a fourth reich with an army of sex slaves and his psychic powers This should be enough to keep it interesting, but alas it falls very short Once the action starts, it stops abruptly Then we have to hear a monologue about how psychic phenomenon is real and that the average person is naive or blind to it On and on it goes The image I conjure up is that John F Rossmann, our author, is just some perverted geek that nobody listened to so he threw in some sex and action, with some nude women on the cover, to get his point...

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