Upside Reading Upside Author Bradley R.E Wright Many Christians Have An Impending Sense Of Doom About Our Country And The World But Are Their Fears Based On Reality Or Myth In This Book Wright Examines Issues Of Concern To Christians, Including Poverty, Sickness, Sexual Morality, The Environment, And The Global Church Did You Know That Global Poverty Has Been Cut In Half Over The Last Several Decades That Infant Deaths Have Decreased Dramatically In Recent Years That Christianity Is A Growing And Influential Force In Asia And Africa Maybe The World Isn T In A Downward Spiral After All In An Age Of Pessimism, This Book Offers Good News To Christian Readers Looking For Glimpses Of Hope.

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  • 14 October 2017
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  • Upside
  • Bradley R.E. Wright

10 thoughts on “Upside

  1. Bob Hayton says:

    Gloomy That s the general outlook that the vast majority of Americans seem to have when it comes to our future Whether it s political wrangling, economic turmoil, pandemics or education the present is bleak and the future is downright scary It s not just Al Gore predicting global devastation caused by global warming, nor is it simply the war mongers who see a jihadist behind every bush, it s Christians too, who seem to enjoy pointing out how bad things are and are getting.Bradley Wright, in his new book published by Bethany House asks, What if the Doomsayers have it all wrong A Christian sociologist, in Upside Surprising Good News About the State of Our World Wright explores why it is that so many of us can t get enough bad news, and why we all think that things are continually getting worse The reality, however, is a far cry from the perception And Wright proves his point by the end of the book.Reading Upside , was like inhaling a deep breath of fresh air On so many fronts, there has been remarkable progress in the world Life expectancy, health and disease, poverty and access to clean water, air pollution, crime, financial well being, literacy all these areas and have seen astounding improvement in the last 200 years.For some examples Life expectancy has doubled around the wo...

  2. Sally says:

    It s easy to get discouraged or feel paralyzed by what you hear about the terrible state of the world But what if the media and other prophets of doom have misled us Could the world actually be getting better Sociologist Brad Wright uses the best available data to uncover the truth about the world s most important issues, including poverty, sickness, education, morality, and the environment While admitting there is still work to be done, he shines a light on why so many things are improving and why no one is talking about it.If you enjoy reading pages of statistics and looking at charts, then this is definitely a book you ll enjoy Wright has compiled statistics from various sources in all the areas listed above, and tells us that life in the USA has improved considerably over the past 100 years In many ways, we know this to be true We know the benefits of indoor plumbing and instant communication Children are likely to live past their first birthdays, and fewer women die in childbirth We work fewer hours for higher pay, and we re a lot less...

  3. Kathy says:

    After days of hearing about the presidential primaries, when each candidate tried his best to convince the voter that the world was worse than ever, reading this book was restorative The world isn t steadily decaying, at least in a number of ways and we aren t all going to suffer horribly in some bleak dystopia And Mr Wright has the facts to prove it.I think this is one of the few books that I wanted facts The author tries very hard to stick to just the facts He explains he is only describing the trends over time And causes or explanations are left for others After reading about all of these positive trends I was curious, I wanted to know I would read a whole book for each chapter, of in depth analysis of each topic We only hear the bad and the exaggerated because that is how our media works and how advocates think we can be motivated To know that after...

  4. Laverne Ombadykow says:

    I have often wondered why there is not much good news on TV or in the newspapers or on the internet Dr Wright presents studies that show that some things are actually better than in the past For example we live much longer than our ancestors, people read and understand what they have read, and many countries are working to improve the living conditions for their citizens So, why do we so often hear bad news Dr Wright believes that it is because people are drawn to the excitement that bad news stirs up and that good news doesn t get the same results There are many graphs in the book to help the reader understand what has been written Near the end of the book on page 215 , Dr Wright does point out the obvious problems that we still have He states that they fall under these two themes over consumption and disrupted social relationships If you read the book you will find out how Dr Wright feels we should solve these problems.Bethany House Publishers has provided me with a co...

  5. Justin Yan says:

    A pretty good book that highlights some of the common misconceptions that we have about the state of our world It is full of graphs and charts that give you an easy reference to compare all of what he is talking about in the book and They are all from credible sources such as the US Census Bureau, and other government agencies, with the exception of some being from economists and sociologists

    This book covers many topics including poverty, war, education, and many sections regarding economy and such as that Honestly, all of it makes sense except one Wanna guess Education Whatever anyone says about our education getting better Sure he provides some good solid facts that back up his claim, but I m not buying it becaus...

  6. Denese says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, I received an advanced copy of this book through GoodReads Dr Wright provides a wonderful respite from the dim views of our modern day Through data and many charts, he shows that the world is not quite as bad as it seems Historical summations on economy, health, education, and society as a whole compared to present day assessments show that ...

  7. Nancy says:

    This book was won through a First Reads giveaway.A deep look at what is wrong with this world, or like what is right with this world.In this day and age of constant negative bombardment of the senses courtesy of our over abundance of media outlets it was nice to read about some of the positives.The author points out many fields within not just America but throughout the wor...

  8. Adam Shields says:

    Short review Read this book We are often confronted by all the bad things going on in the world And there really are bad things going on in the world But there are an amazing number of good things too When you step back and look at things from a longer perspective, it is pretty hard to deny that on the whole we are much, much better off than ever before Looks at the economy, educ...

  9. Rob says:

    This book was free as a First Read through Goodreads In a world filled with negative news, the author does some research to find that things are actually getting better in the world overall, compared to previous years Looking at various hot topics, from crime and prisoners, to the environment, to literacy, health, and family issues, it appears as though the news we hear not the news we should hear The author analyzes the sources of the negative news we hear, including the media and adv...

  10. Jessica Buike says:

    While it often reads like a scholarly journal than a book, this book does present some interesting data to suggest areas of good in our overly pessimistic world It touches on myths and realities and explains its stance on both There is a decidedly conservative Christian slant to most of the topics, but still has a lot to offer people of other beliefs Some of the references seem a bit dubious but most seem to ...

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