יונה ונער

יונה ונער XAE Read XAA By Meir Shalev XBA Oaklandjobs ,

  • 4.5
  • 957
  • Hebrew
  • 11 October 2018
  • Paperback
  • 365 pages
  • יונה ונער
  • Meir Shalev

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  1. Greta says:

    A Pigeon and a Boy Ja ir is a tour guide in Israel, specialized in birdwatching tours During a tour, he meets an old American jew who served in the Palmach and fought during the 1948 War of Independence in the battle at the San Simon Monastery The man tells him the story of a boy who got killed during this fight, but who released a pigeon before he died The boy was a pigeon handler who kept and trained homing pigeons that belonged to the Haganah Not a single gun fired, no grenades exploded, and all the mouths stopped shouting It was so quiet that we heard the bird s wings beating the air For a single moment every eye and every finger was following that bird as she did what we all wanted to do make her way home And so begins the story of the boy and his pigeon a Belgian pigeon btw, a real champion The book alternates between two narratives, and jumps back and forth in time and between the different characters There s the story of the boy and his pigeons and girlfriend and there s the story of Ja ir and his wife and family Ja ir seems to be obsessed with his mother, who gives him money to buy a home for himself, although he s married Near the end of the book, these two storylines merge in an unexpected and rather spectacular way Meir Shalev s writing is engaging, and he uses much symbolism and many metaphors throughout the storytelling He is also a maste...

  2. K says:

    Forgive me for showing off a little I m actually reading this in the original Hebrew I know it was entirely unnecessary for me to point that out, but I m excited about my new quest to improve my Hebrew literacy Also, I wanted to let you know in advance that it will take me a long time to post my review Ok here s my review Reading this book was an interesting experience, on a variety of levels When you read in a foreign language and you find yourself criticizing the book, it s not always clear whether it s a flaw in the book or whether there s something you re missing because of the language barrier For example, it took me a long time to get into this book was that because it was a slow starter, or because it was written in Hebrew Some of the characterization seemed superficial to me, and there were some minor holes in the plot again, was I just missing things because I skipped over some hard words passages I guess the only way to find out would be for me to read it in English, which I m actually curious to do when it comes out I think the translation is due to be published later this year.Basically, as I experienced it, the book had clear strengths and weaknesses The love story from the War of Independence was definitely poignant and gripping, even in a foreign language The motif of the doves was interesting and original, although I felt that some of the symbolism was a little hea...

  3. Metodi Markov says:

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  4. Talia Carner says:

    A masterpiece of two woven stories, the love story between two pigeon handlers in the period prior to Israel s War of Independence framed and intersected by that of a tour guide specializing in bird watching who learns the details of the tale from one of his guests In this unlikely subject, the reader is treated to learning the habits and handling of homing pigeons that served as reliable means of communication during the British Mandate of the land of Israel until 1948 It is hard to do this story justice with a synopsis or a review The power of the novel is in the crafting of the t...

  5. Deyanne says:

    I don t quite know how to begin to describe my feelings after completing this book During the course if you will of reading it, I savored each page for the subtleties of the descriptions and the masterful capturing of emotions I read slowly I reflected I let the descriptions and the nuanced thinking seep in slowly to my being and my understanding Yes, I pondered my own meaning of home in every sense physical, spiritual and emotional I appreciated the thoughts that this book generated Interestingly, perhaps because of the methodical way I read, I eagerly returned to this book late each nightnot because of action, but rather because of the insights I might gain and the creative, new way of lyrical expression of some profound thoughts.I wanted to list this book as a favorite Up until about two thirds through the book I would have Elements just bounded out of my believable realm Strange how one pivotal event could shift my praise Why I questioned Did Meir Shalev really have to have that happen I closed the book with a sad sigh It was so close for meso close to being just incredible.There are descriptions and metaphors in this novel that are masterful Just a few I liked The greater light set and disappeared its luminescence faded, then extingui...

  6. Tamara Silver says:

    This book is about home About how your home houses that your body, but also your soul Some of us live in the wrong home all of our lives and some of us are lucky to find the perfect fit It is also about undying, deep, aching, love And pigeons, yes, you will learn about carrier homing get it pigeons It has moments of beauty and jewels of phrases Here is one of my favorites The ground, which here is not corseted with cement and straitjacketed with asphalt, shifts in a slow, never ending dance, while we the houses, the trees, the people, the animals are carried about in its arms, moving on its thin outer crust.And you learn why sometimes an email just won t do If you re not going to read this you can ask me Now, why didn t I give it 5 stars Because, unfortunately, it was a bit of a slow read For me, I was int...

  7. Christine Bonheure says:

    Uitgelezen op amper twee dagen Wat een verteller Wat een verhaal Wat een feest om dit boek te lezen Ik houd echt van Meir Shalev Zelfs de boeken van hem die ik minder vind, zijn nog meer dan de moeite waard Mooi verhaal dit, alweer met dat exotische joodse tintje Het gaat over die vreemde wereld van Jerusalem en Tel Aviv, over de smachtende mensen daar Shalev heeft het over johannesbroodboominnen want bomen zijn vrouwelijk , joodse rituelen en gebruiken Al lezend heel veel opgestoken over reisduiven, interessant En enorm g...

  8. Lorri says:

    I just finished reading the incredible novel, A Pigeon and a Boy, by Meir Shalev I purchased this book last week, and put it on the top of my tall stack of books to read After reading the jacket, I decided it was a book I wanted to read, and must read, immediately The book didn t disappoint me in the least, in fact I was quite surprised, emotionally overwhelmed and amazed at the content and how it affected me.I am still wrapped in the emotional aftermath from reading this incredible story of love and its power, enduring from the years before Israel s independence, and through the decades to follow I am reminded of the fragility of life This novel details so brilliantly what once was, what could have been, what is, and what the present and future can hold.The story line focuses on a destiny of sorts During the 1948 War of Independence homing pigeons were often used to deliver messages to the war front During one battle scene a pigeon handler dispatches one final pigeon, before his death, carrying one amazing message to the girl who awaits it on the receiving end, the girl he has loved since childhood.The novel is rich in characters, characters with depth, and rich in vivid details that one can not only visualize, but our senses can also inhale, touch, taste and feel We see the emotional waves and veins of...

  9. Sofia says:

    It is a beautifully written story about first love However, it is much than that It is a book about a home, not a house, but a home which takes on many different meanings in the story It is a home which pigeons know how to find and fly to which is incredible by itself, especially when coupled with images of Israel It is also a home for our first love which most people have in their heart and carry through life It is a home where we want to feel unconditionally loved and accepted It is a home which our lifelong friends love to visit It is also about feeling at home in your country, which exists because of brave people who paid with their life for its freedom Essentially, it is a story about peace, or home, within and the disappointments people experience when this inner peace is lacking.I gave this book 4 stars and not 5 because I was disappointed with how the story ended I was just hoping for ...

  10. Merilee says:

    I throughly enjoyed this novel, which jumps back and forth between 1948 Israeli independence battles and the present, with much about carrier pigeons and ordinary birds It is very much a very confusing love story, with some magical realism here and there but not enough to drive me crazy.

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