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  1. Julie says:

    We are like lutes once held by God.Being away from His warm bodyfully explains our constant yearning HafizI started Sophie s Choice in a busy hotel lobby, awaiting my visiting sister s arrival, having no idea I was going to be immediately introduced to a 22 year old Southerner named Stingo and the first of his many erections.His erections What I went into this read almost blind, knowing only that the author, William Styron, received the Pulitzer for fiction in 1968 for The Confessions of Nat Turner and that this novel, Sophie s Choice published in 1979 would attract attention as a movie than a book Most of us would come to think of Meryl Streep as Sophie whether we saw the film or not I didn t.So, back to the busy lobby, where I m sweating out the first of Stingo s erections and looking around the room, wondering if anyone has any idea what I m reading they didn t , and even though I was tickled beyond belief to find humor and sexuality in a book that I thought took place in Poland during the Holocaust, I was also totally confused.Wait, this is funny So funny This is sexy Oh, SO sexy But, I thought this was about Meryl Streep er, I mean Sophie Zawistowska and her making some awful choice during the Holocaust Yes, it s about that, too, but it s also about Stingo, the 22 year old virgin in 1947 who just CAN T GET LAID.Poor...

  2. Monty Merrick says:

    It seems a lot of people have a problem with the prose being pretentious and overwritten However, I had a big problem with the unfolding of the plot This was a strange book for me because I really wanted to like it and even thought I liked it after I was finished It took me about a week to think back and realize, Wait That was a crappy book Problem number 1 I personally found Sophie to be an unbeleivable character I just thought she was not fascinating and contradictory, like, not in the way people are in real life I ll spare you the tedium of elaborating You can take my word for it or not but the worst is yet to come.Personally, I found Nathan to be a very realistic, frightening character I know people like him in real life But, Problem number 2 Styron tells this story from the first person perspective of someone who has already gathered all the information, heard everyone s side of the story and studied World War Two In other words, he seems to be telling the story in the wrong form There are a lot of flashbacks and Sophie s Choice isn t revealed to us until the rest of the present time turm...

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  4. Aaron Mccloud says:

    William Styron s Sophie s Choice has to stand as one of the 20th century s great American novels Based very loosely on his own experiences in the late 1940s in New York, Styron makes himself into a writer called Stingo who moves into a boarding house in Brooklyn, where he meets a Polish emigr named Sophie and her dangerously unpredictable lover, Nathan With great delicacy and restraint, Styron traces the evolution of the friendship and love that entangles these three and which has stunning consequences.For those who have only seen the 1985 movie starring Meryl Streep and for which she deservedly won the Best Actress Oscar , do yourself a favor and read the book The movie was indeed wonderful, but the book is so much richer and detailed and Styron s mastery of this compelling narrative is marvelous to behold For those who have NOT seen the film, you will assume that Sophie s Choice has to do with Nathan and Stingo Heartbreakingly, it both does and does not.Styron has an incredible gift for injecting humor into dark situations He makes Stingo an inordinately horny, frustrated, pained, wise cracking man in his early 20s Stingo leaps off the pages as fully formed and utterly human Nathan too, in a much different way, is three dimensional and fiery with life Sophie is rendered in delicate tones than the two men, which makes the final chapters of the book all the powerful We see what she has withstood and what sh...

  5. Dolors says:

    Because I could not stop for Death,He kindly stopped for me The carriage held but just ourselvesAnd Immortality Emily DickinsonStyron brings the Brooklyn of the forties and its flourishing intellectualism back to life through the eyes of three characters, whose irreconcilable pasts find a common ground in the sweeping vision of optimistic America, distancing the narrative from stereotyped clich s and with the inimitable diction of a true Southern voice.A lush, descriptive prose soaked in an acerbic humorous tone with tinges of dark eroticism that partially conceals the profoundest of grief interweaves the ongoing contradictions of a Southerner s life in the North and the collision between the remains of corrosive Puritanism and the rise of a newborn liberal society with intermittent and not always trustworthy flashbacks of mutilated lives and immeasurable suffering inflicted with perverse arbitrary during the Holocaust Sophie, a Polish Catholic seeking refuge in the plentiful land of opportunities after being released from Auschwitz, is plagued by guilt and self condemnation for the unheroic choice of sticki...

  6. Lawyer says:

    Sophie s Choice William Styron s Novel of Choices, Hobson s and Otherwise This novel was chosen by members of On the Southern Literary Trail as a group read for September, 2014. Sophie s Choice, First Ed., First Prtg., William Styron, Random House, New York, New York, 1979 The gate to Auschwitz, where those in charge choose who lives and who dies Life is but a series of choices, is it not Some easy, quickly made, given no further thought Others are difficult We worry about the outcome, the consequences After much thought, we arrive at a choice, live with it, find we worried over nothing, or become haunted by consequences we never envisioned Call it free will.When we are very young life is much simpler, is it not Our decisions are made for us By our parents, our caretakers Perhaps caregivers sounds better We do not know about the idea of free will, so we do not worry about it We just take what comes We are grateful if we have kind parents and caregivers No, that s not righ...

  7. Chanda says:

    I was surprised by this book it wasn t what I expected It was less engaging than I anticipated it being and parts of it were rather difficult for me to get through The growing pains of Stingo were not where my interest was centered I think he s kind of a pansy to be honest I m also surprised at the sexual content I m aware that he s a sexually frustrated young man, but god get on with it I m not offended by sexual content, I just don t need to be drowning in it I have never heard the word phallus and all its derivatives used so frequently as I have in the week I read this And to think it didn t even come wrapped in black plastic.I feel like it would be bordering on sacrilegious for me to not like this book, due to the subject but the fact is I wasn t in love with it It was long and rambling and often, focused on the struggl...

  8. blakeR says:

    I stuck with it out of curiosity, not so much to find out what her choice was, but because this is supposedly an important American novel and I kept waiting for the Aha moment when it would finally get good Unfortunately it was just way too long I now know what it s like to suffer from too much foreshadowing It was so tiresome reading hint after ominous hint about what was going to happen The narration was clumsy and over explanatory Do you really have to recap an event that you just narrated 50 pages anterior Did Styron think the audience too dumb to remember the episode well enough to comprehend an explicit allusion or god forbid an oblique reference Do you really have to hammer home over and over again how frustrated he is to not be having sex, just to build up one of the last scenes I ll grant that it might have been intentional to create a narrator so unsympathetic and annoying, but the result was irritation and a strong urge to quit the book completely Another problem with the voice was Sophie s narrative about Auschwitz There were several moments when you saw the quotes around the paragraphs, indicating she was talking, but it was grammatically perfect It was, as I already said, clumsy, and I can only suppose it was poor planning Styron clearly wanted to eat his cake and have it too.There were some pretty passages mixed in Most of t...

  9. Matt says:

    The term Sophie s Choice, which derives from a critical plot point in William Styron s eponymous novel, has become a prominent American idiom You ve probably heard it in your daily life It was the subject of a relatively well received movie starring Meryl Streep Certainly, you ve come across it if you re a fan of The Simpsons A Sophie s Choice joke is the kicker to Season 10, Episode 5 s When You Dish Upon a Star Despite its prevalence in the cultural landscape, I m not going to assume you know the parameters of the choice I ve been wrong cough Moby Dick cough in my spoiler assumptions before I will say, though, that knowing those details won t in any way effect your enjoyment of this novel I ve known the twist for years the mistake I made was in thinking it was the essence of Sophie s Choice It is not Sophie s Choice is nearly overwhelming It is wildly ambitious, chronically unfocused, irritating and ostentatious, precisely detailed, overly written, soaring, gutter dwelling, psychologically acute, digressionary, complex, utterly narcissistic, and an absolute masterpiece.T...

  10. K.D. Absolutely says:

    It was good that I missed the Oscar nominated movie adaptation of this book when it was shown in 1985 My curiosity to find out what exactly was the meaning of the choice in the title, kept me leafing through the pages until it was revealed towards the end There are actually two Sophie, the beautiful Polish non Nazi Holocaust survivor has to choose who to end up with between her two lovers, the Jewish Nathan Landau who is a crazy junkie but who brought her to America and the struggling American, Stingo who is also the narrator of the story The other Sophie s choice should be hidden as it is the best part of the book So if you have neither seen the movie nor read this book, please do not click this view spoiler Sophie had to choose who between her son a...

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