Now We Are Sixty

Now We Are Sixty Now We Are Sixty PDF Epub Author Christopher Matthew When Christopher Matthew Was Six, The Poems Of Milne Always Reassured Him That Other Children Were As Naughty As He Was, So On Reaching Sixty He Decided That He Should Adapt Now We Are Six For An Older Audience Now We Are Sixty Is Often Hilarious, Sometimes Rueful And Always Thought Provoking Some Verses Are About Realising We Are Not As Young As We Thought, While Some Are About The Disconcerting Problems Of Modern Life Mobile Telephones On Trains, Anti Social Behaviour, Traffic Jams And The Internet.

  • 4.4
  • 738
  • English
  • 21 May 2017
  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • 9780719559792
  • Now We Are Sixty
  • Christopher Matthew

10 thoughts on “Now We Are Sixty

  1. Richard says:

    This is a book of ridiculous verse in the style of and as a parody of Now we are six by AA Milne Built around those earlier lines of poetry the author takes a poem and faithful to that metre and rhythms produces a poem for the older man.Full of wit and comic observations, some are seri...

  2. Edwina Callan says:

    A poetic parody of A A Milne.I was not amused only confused.

  3. Ruth says:

    Well done I enjoyed the playfulness of these poems In fact, I laughed out loud

  4. Cat. says:

    My first real book that I remember reading over and over once I was old enough to read was Now We are Six, by A.A Milne in paperback My sister gave it to me when I turned duh six, and she annotated it How cool is that Which goes a ways toward explaining why I couldn t resist this book when I saw it It s mildly amusing, probably the way I would feel about the original if I hadn t read the original as a child The poems here are parodies of the original But this is definitely grown up, as this excerpt from the rewritten version of The Little Black Hen, entitled Saloon Bar Romeos, shows Hebblethwaite and Hopwood, Fothergill and Fenn And Bob Stanford Dingley Are five grown men And all of them are ogling Our barmaid, Jen.This is probably only for Milne fans, and only a select few of them I had a couple of twinges of don t ruin THAT one too as I read this book But these are generally in good spiri...

  5. Raffy says:

    I never thought I would laugh so much while I read Now we are sixty is by far the wittiest piece of literature I have ever read On the topic of turning sixty sounds boring and dull Making me wish to never get old, this book will not change your opinion At least it was not in my case But, a day brightener to say the least, Reading his work made each bad day bearable, similar to a glass of milk with a side of cookies I have little to say about the book and its content, that is why I wish to rewrite this ...

  6. Anne says:

    Now we are54 years older What great fun This was a birthday gift from my sister on the occasion of the big six oh Matthews tribute to A A Milne is so witty and often, laugh out loud hilarious He selects some of the best poems in Milne s childhood classic and rewrites them for the sexagenarian.My favorite Life after THE END When I was OneThe War had begu...

  7. Charlene says:

    Birthday gift to my husband on his 60th birthday nearly 15 years ago by a young friend If you read the Christopher Robin NOW WE ARE SIX books to your kids, or grandkids, you will enjoy this book, I think.

  8. Pete daPixie says:

    Thought that this collection of verse may have held some appeal as I am fully within the age range How wrong can I be One star for David Eccles art work.

  9. Jane says:

    Picked it up at Value Village and thought it looked charming Second poem unforgivably homophobic and I donated it back again.

  10. Elisa Kay says:

    A collection of funny poems for adults.

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