SWITCH #1 [PDF / Epub] ✐ SWITCH #1 ☃ Stjepan Šejić – Undercostruction.eu Popular Ebook, SWITCH 1 Author Stjepan Eji This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book SWITCH 1, Essay By Stjepan Eji Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

  • 4.5
  • 9743
  • English
  • 20 February 2018
  • SWITCH #1
  • Stjepan Šejić

10 thoughts on “SWITCH #1

  1. Norah Una Sumner says:

    I feel like I can never go wrong with Stjepan I love his art, his writing style, his humor This was a great start to a promising story and I can t wait to find out what happens next Also, I love it when I see a character with my name because it rarely happens So, hey Una

  2. DJ says:

    4.5 5 Rating Originally posted first at MyLifeMyBooksMyEscapeAn ambitious and exciting new seriesApparently, Switch was originally being created as a fan project on DevianArt, but was then picked up to be a series Impressive, right This series actually takes place in the Top Cow universe of Witchblade and The Darkness, Artifacts, and Angelus Yet, if I hadn t been told me that, I never would have known Did not feel lost once.Witchblade was born from his father, The Darkness, the physical embodiment of darkness, and from his mother, Angelus, the physical embodiment of light Witchblade leaves and come here to find a bearer When the bearer comes in contact with Witchblade, it transformers into this symbiotic biometallic armor surrounding its bearer Over the times, Witchblade has sought out many queens, warriors, scholars, and adventures.Witchblade has been silent for decades, but it hears the call again Time has now come for it choose a new bearer A bearer that will be full of courage, willpower, and, of course, great beauty So why it chose Mary, we have no idea I know NADA about the Witchblade Universe, but I thought Stjepan summed up its history and origins in the first 4 pages perfectly alien artifact from ano...

  3. Kylie says:

    Okay, so I very rarely give anything 5 stars, as it is very difficult for any work of art to be perfect However, I would say this is as close to a perfect first issue as I have read to date.I requested this from my local comic shop on a whim because the artwork was pretty, and it reminded me of Witchblade, which at the time I had just finished the first origin volume of Turns out this is a kind of reboot of Witchblade, mixed in with The Darkness and possibly other Top Cow comics that I don t know about You don t need to have read these to read this though it means you can smile at all the references in fact, I d say it might be better for newcomers if they didn t, as this is essentially Witchblade with a likeable and relatable teen protagonist, less opaque humour and best of all, no horrible 90s cliche artwork There is just the right amount of backstory mixed in with the plot, and I genuinely can t wait for the next issue O...

  4. George Saoulidis says:

    Nice, fast paced and very funny Captures a realistic teenager who suddenly gets superpowers The monsters are pretty out there, but the art is gorgeous to look at so it all works out.I like the various incarnations she can summon, can t wait to see what comes next.

  5. Solace Winter says:

    I have never seen Witchblade The only thing I really know is well, what it s called and that it s a weapon I was afraid going into this I was going to be lost I was not Instead this was an amazingly woven first story where you do not know which side you should be on other than the girl at the center of it all, a teenager who is inadequate in her own eyes This does angsty emo teen without making you want to throttle the teenager i...

  6. The Sapphic Nerd says:

    Switch 1 by StjepanSejic is a very competent introduction to the Top Cow universe, mixing familiar Witchblade elements with Sejic s nerdy humour I m so proud of this book that started out as an artist goofing around and became a canon extention of the world I ve been waiting ...

  7. Amber says:

    The premise of this book is easy to grasp Dark versus light and a weapon both of them want control over Unfortunately for them this weapon has a mind of its own Over the centuries the Witchblade as it s called has chosen various wielders, all of them women Now it has chosen a new master and the forces of Light and Dark are none to happy to find out their plans have been derailed.As for who exactly is good and who is bad that s less clear cut Most would assume the Darkness is evil but the Light side clearly isn t going around helping humanity either It s an interesting set up and a great first issue even for those who know nothing about the past history of various Witchb...

  8. Keith Irwin says:

    I ve not generally been a big fan of Witchblade I don t find the characters flat and the drawing often shows enough flesh that it feels strange in a mystical adventure comic This was a neat, refreshing change The characters in this feel realistic and like they have emotional depth and interesting relationships, and the comic stays pretty well away from titillation entirely It feels like it s aimed at readers who would identify with the protagonist young women rather than young men I only hav...

  9. Holly Echterling says:

    When an ancient magical artifact chooses a teenage girl to wield it, the machinations of the fanatical Angelus and the dark Darkness are turned upside down Switch is a reboot of Top Cow s Witchblade I m not familiar with the original work, but Stjepan Sejic s version exhibits his beautiful artistry, quirky humor and multicultural characters in a present day world with fantasy tr...

  10. Emmy Neal says:

    Wow, wow, wow wow wow This is everything I want in a YA comic GREAT characters, wonderful family dynamics and friendships, epic stakes, a fun sense of humor, and beautiful art Our main character is so well fleshed out that I m over here like, I want to be your BEST...

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