Riddledom [Reading] ➷ Riddledom Author David Astle – Undercostruction.eu Why Are Ladies Like Arrows When Is A Bird Not A Bird What Do You Call A Nun With A Washing Machine On Her Head Welcome To The Weird New Word Adventure From David Astle, Plunging Into The Realm Of Riddles, Chasing Down And Prising Open 101 Curious Questions From Around The Planet A Mindtrip Across Time And Place, Riddledom Uncovers Relics From Over 50 Cultures, Delving Into Language And Deception, Sampling Pompeii Walls And Dothraki Warriors Readers Can Unravel Each Mini Chapter, Wrestling With Riddles From Wonderland Or Zanzibar, Oedipus Rex Or Harry Potter Come Meet French Acrobats, Coffee Slaves, Lusty Maids And Many Along The Way Riddledom Is Your Chance To Roam Tasmania And Mongolia, Fiji And Peru, Seeking Riddles On Clay Tablets And Popsicle Sticks.As David Opens Riddledom If You Think Riddles Are Solely The Stuff Of Schoolyards And Christmas Crackers, You Re About To Have Your Head Refurbished.

  • 4.4
  • 7250
  • English
  • 03 February 2017
  • Kindle Edition
  • 320 pages
  • Riddledom
  • David Astle

10 thoughts on “Riddledom

  1. Todayiamadaisy says:

    This is a book of 101 riddles or actually, 101 riddles, plus a social and cultural history of each Here is where you can find out what the New York Knicks have to do with the chicken crossing the road, how scholars deciphered Beatrix Potter s coded diary to reveal that Squirrel Nutkin was based on an annoyin...

  2. Peter Greenfield says:

    It was difficult to get to the answers of riddles, would have been better if Astle had simply solution chicken crossed the road as an example Found it fairly ok to read, except I really don t want to know about the authors life just ...

  3. Jade says:

    Actual rating 3.5 stars.

  4. Greg says:

    All Australians into cryptic crosswords eventually try to match wits with the infamous setter DA David Astle has a fiendish mind and a talent for obfuscation that creates brilliant puzzles that solvers relish.In Riddledom, Astle has tackled something different The book is a treatise on riddles, going into their history, the role they play in different cultures, different categories and types of riddles, etc There is a lot of interesting tit bits for example, the knock knock riddle may have originated from the porter scene in Macbeth.On top of that, Astle encourages page turning by posing a riddle on every odd page the reader has to keep reading to get the answer Some of these are actually pretty funny Which computer can sing but most are groaners Since many are translations from very different cultural settings, often they don t make sense at all.I think David Astle has ta...

  5. Adrian says:

    This book is a weird one, as it technically feels like it shouldn t exist It mixes riddles from cultures that don t really make sense even in context though probably could have, if a few words were spent on them with the likes of riddles using the language of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.This book shouldn t really appeal to anyone and yet, it did to me Sure it didn t make sense to treat it as a puzzle book, questions and answers, and it left enough ambiguity to not really be useful as a history of riddles, but in the end it s a book about riddles This may have been i...

  6. FranklinTV says:

    Heard the author talk on the podcast The Conversation Hour and was interested A book with a lot of promise the title is so promising but failed to live up to its expectation Its almost like the author wants the book to be part of a m...

  7. Chris Cousins says:

    The words whiz from Letters Numbers on SBS TV investigates 101 riddles from early time to modern day and from all over the world Each chapter starts with a riddle and the answer is revealed although sometimes not to obvious.A good read from someone who knows what he is talking about.

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