Ross & Rachel

Ross & Rachel X Ross Amp Rachel PDF Epub XE Author James Fritz Federicoscridel A Dark And Uncompromising Play About Romance, Expectation And Mortality, Ross Rachel Tells The Story Of What Happens When Two Friends Who Were Always Meant To Be Together, Get Together And Stay Together This Duologue For One Performer Takes An Unflinching Look At The Myths Of Modern Love And Our Idea Of Happily Ever After

  • 4.4
  • 789
  • 16 June 2018
  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • 9781848425224
  • Ross & Rachel
  • James Fritz

10 thoughts on “Ross & Rachel

  1. Doug says:

    My rating only relates to reading the script although it got a fairly dismissive review in the NY Times when it played briefly stateside, it got raves, especially for solo performer Molly Vevers, at the Edinburgh Fringe where it originated Basically, the problem with ONLY reading the play is that the format makes it virtually impossible to figure out what s going on the play actually a 60 minute performance art piece the script is in actuality only 29 of the reported 48 pages is for two voices to be played by one actor but those are NOT delineated by the text, so one is never quite sure during much of it WHICH character is speaking when The title, of course, refers to the iconic on again, off again Friends pairing, but the author admits that was just shorthand for a couple that might or might n...

  2. Gemma Owen-kendall says:

    I read this play as an activity that was set for a script writing workshop I attend every monthI loved the use of comedy and drama throughout this play script but i think the piece can be performed using two actors to play ross and rachel instead of just one p...

  3. Mugren Ohaly says:

    The script is written for two character but is meant to be read by one person, meaning the text is unmarked which makes it impossible to understand who is saying what Also, the script isn t even good.

  4. Kay Kelly says:

    Very moving play

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