Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (Wrox Professional Guides)

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (Wrox Professional Guides) PDF Professional JavaScript For Web Developers Wrox Professional Guides Nicholas C Zakas Key Features JavaScript Is An Essential Tool In Standards Based Web Development Many Of The Most Significant New Features Of HTML5 Require JavaScript To Implement Increasing Demand For This Essential Language Previous Editions Of Book Were Well Received The Previous Editions Have Received Excellent Reviews And Strong Sell Through The First Edition Has Sold Over 15,000 Units Excellent Author Nicholas Zakas Is A Well Reguarded JavaScript Expert Who Has Worked On Creating The Interactivity Millions Of People Interact With Daily At Yahoo About The Book Professional Javascript For Web Developers 3rd Edition JavaScript Is The Key Scripting Language For The Web Supported In Every Modern Web Browser, JavaScript Allows Developers To Create Client Side Scripts Which That Enable The Current Generation Of Interactive Websites With New Web Standards Such As HTML5 JavaScript Is A Key Associated Technology Which Allows The Web Developer To Take Utilize Advanced Features Such As Animating The Tag And Enabling Client Side Storage And Application Caches Contents Introduction What Is Javascript Javascript In Html Language Basics Variables, Scope, And Memory Reference Types Object Oriented Programming Function Expressions The Browser Object Model Client Detection The Document Object Model Dom Extensions Dom Levels 2 And 3 Events Scripting Forms Graphics With Canvas Html5 Scripting Error Handling And Debugging Xml In Javascript Ecmascript For Xml Json Ajax And Comet Advanced Techniques Offline Applications And Client Side Storage Best Practices Emerging Apis Appendix A Ecmascript Harmony Appendix B Strict Mode Appendix C Javascript Libraries Appendix D Javascript Tools Index About The Author Nicholas C Zakas Nicholas C Zakas Works At Yahoo As A Front End Engineer And Has Worked In Web Development For Than 8 Years Developing Web Solutions In Use At Some Of The Largest Companies In The World He Is The Author Of Previoud Editions Of Professional JavaScri

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  • 500
  • 21 January 2017
  • Paperback
  • 960 pages
  • Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (Wrox Professional Guides)
  • Nicholas C. Zakas

10 thoughts on “Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (Wrox Professional Guides)

  1. Rob says:

    This book should have been sub titled JavaScript The Good Parts the long version While I was reading this, I liked to imagine that I was at university and that Douglas Crockford was the insanely popular genius professor that showed up late for lectures, and then either spoke too fast or else mumbled a lot, and then locked himself in his office refusing to answer the door during office hours while he worked on his Next Big Thing that would make everyone oooh and aaah and validate his brilliance Meanwhile, in that same imaginary university, Nicholas Zakas was the graduate student that served as the TA to that c...

  2. Risto says:

    I haven t read many books about programming and about javascript but this one is the best It gives pretty thorough overview of javascript and how it has evolved Also this book explaines concepts in easy language and with executable examples Also this book gives very good tips how to achieve cross browser compatibility and where it is nearly impossible It is not about become javascript master in 5 minutes, it is about gain deeper understa...

  3. Risto Hinno says:

    I haven t read many programming books but this one is best so far It is not about become javascript master in 5 minutes No, it is about gaining deeper understanding about javascript book has than 800 pages Con...

  4. Brandon Bayer says:

    This is THE book to read for learning JavaScript, whether you are completely new to it or are familiar with basic usage but want to really learn and master the language It s important to understand this book is written for ECMAScript5 ES5 which arrived in 2009 and is completely supported in ...

  5. Frank Mcgeough says:

    A thorough Javascript book Good book to learn Javascript if used in concert with the lessons The number of examples is a bit overwhelming since they are made up of literally hundreds of small samples You can download these but I m not sure how useful they are as ...

  6. Deen john says:

    What an amazing book Probably the most in depth Javascript book ever written I have been reading the 3rd edition I am blown away by the clarity and the in depth explanation of whatever topic discussed in this book.Chapter 6 on Obj...

  7. A-ron says:

    Solid and concise survey of JavaScript.I think the title is a bit off as the book better serves a JavaScript novice rather than a professional Other than that I am impressed with how much this book covers Its a wide survey with enough depth to explain the fundamentals Just what I need...

  8. James says:

    The first edition of this book helped me signifcantly the second edition has significantly changed and improved the way I work in JavaScript This second edition is NOT a reprint of the first edition at allit is new m...

  9. Jorge Roldán says:

    I ve read the second edition of this book and it has been a great introduction to the advanced aspects of javascript I ve discovered better ways to deal with javascript in my web applications that I m now putting in practice.

  10. Erica says:

    This is the book I d recommend highest for JavaScript You want to also see JavaScript Patterns and the JavaScript Cookbook is a great reference, but this book will teach you the most and covers so much on its own.

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