Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial

Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial PDF Epub X Deadly Psychiatry And Organised Denial Author Peter C G Tzsche Rarefishingbooks Deadly Psychiatry And Organised Denial Explains In Evidence Based Detail Why The Way We Currently Use Psychiatric Drugs Does Far Harm Than Good Professor, Doctor Of Medical Science, Peter C G Tzsche Documents That Psychiatric Drugs Kill Than Half A Million People Every Year Among Those Aged And Above In The United States And Europe This Makes Psychiatric Drugs The Third Leading Cause Of Death, After Heart Disease And Cancer G Tzsche Explains That We Could Reduce Our Current Usage Of Psychotropic Drugs By % And At The Same Time Improve Patients Mental And Physical Health And Survival It Can Be Difficult, However, To Come Off The Drugs, As Many People Become Dependent On Them As The Withdrawal Symptoms Can Be Severe, Long Lasting And Even Dangerous, Slow Tapering Is Usually Necessary In His Book, G Tzsche Debunks The Many Myths That Leading Psychiatrists Very Often On Drug Industry Payroll Have Created And Nurtured Over Decades In Order To Conceal The Fact That Biological Psychiatry Has Generally Been A Failure Biological Psychiatry Sees Drugs As The Solution For Virtually All Problems, In Marked Contrast To The Patients Views Most Patients Don T Respond To The Drugs They Receive But, Unfortunately, The Psychiatrists Frustrations Over The Lack Of Progress Often Lead To Diagnoses, Drugs And Higher Doses, Harming The Patients Further

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  • 896
  • English
  • 02 April 2018
  • Kindle Edition
  • 399 pages
  • Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial
  • Peter C. Gøtzsche

10 thoughts on “Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial

  1. MizzSandie says:

    This is a scary read But sometimes the truth is ugly Even so, it does not do us any good to close our eyes to it, refusing to see, continuing our misguided ways, hurting ourselves and others We must own up to the truth, and try to have it help us see new ways of healing and living.I have so much respect for G tzsche, and for what he has done, digging up the buried and misconstructed research, inspecting and analyzing it carefully, speaking the horrific truths he s found and going against the powerful system and its culture, machinery and operators, who will do whatever they can to silence, ridicule you, so they can keep people believing the lies and bringing home the profits.But G tzsche has some serious balls He is brave, and funny, and persistent and very skilled in his field of medicine and research and analyzing data His task is not an easy one, and the opposition is strong, and yet he presents the truths he has found, and it is just heartbreaking and horrific, but hopefully it can create a crack in the masks and the beliefs and lead others to courage and freedom against the deadly, expensive and oppressive medicines and the way they are practiced.I would recommend this book to everybody, and will be doing so in my field of work as a psychologist, where I often meet parents and teachers making decisions on medication on behalf of children, thinking it s ...

  2. Eva says:

    Great book on what is wrong with how we treat people with psychological diseases and how the pharma industry prolongs and often even causes the suffering.

  3. Ana Hauser says:

    Highly Informative and scary informationThis book is highly informative and well researched However, its information can be very scary for psychiatric patients or any patient taking a mood altering drug It takes much corage to truly educate the people and to expose a corrupt system and institutions, when one is still intrinsicaly part of it, as Dr Goetzche is He has dared to risk his reputation and his career in the name of telling the truth about abusive and mistakenly used psychiatric medicine and treatments for the public at large All for the standard of professional ethics in medicine and in psychiatry, as well My deepest respect and gratitude to this doctor who blows the whistle for the fairness, respect and well being of any person who has ever been treated with psychiatric drugs that which is a most common t...

  4. Stina says:

    Det r l tt h nt att diskussioner och debatter kring mnen som detta blir onyanserade fr n flera h ll L kemedelsindustrin och psykiatriker rekommenderar psykofarmaka i h ga doser och olika kombinationer f r alla m jliga tillst nd, samtidigt som motst ndarsidan menar att l kemedel r i princip bara d ligt och d dligt Verkligheten r f rmodligen mer komplicerad n s , det brukar den vara Utifr n min h gskoleexamen inom det psykiatriska omr det, mina nuvarande studier i psykologi samt mina egna erfarenheter som patient inom psykiatrin bipol r typ 1 och observationer av medpatienter inom b de sluten och ppenv rd s h ller jag med f rfattaren om att det sker en omfattande vermedicinering och felmedicinering ngest depression borde inte behandlas med antipsykotika s som r mycket vanligt idag och ingen patient beh ver 3 4 antidepressiva preparat samtidigt plus tv st mningsstabiliserare och tv antipsykotika, tv s mnmedel, tv ngestd mpande etc Denna kombination har jag sj lv haft N r det kommer ett nytt preparat har jag m rkt att pl tsligt st r halva avdelningen p den medicinen, ven om den inte har r tt indikation f r deras tillst nd Jag drar slutsatsen att l kemedelsf retaget har ber ttat f r psykiatrikern om detta fantastiska nya preparat som hj lper mot allt, och d ger psykiatrikern det till alla utifr n detta Det r ett stort problem, med tanke p att dessa mediciner ger stora...

  5. Pulakesh says:

    I have seen patients with schizophrenia and mood disorders and others improving by leaps and bounds with medicines Those who tend to believe medicines don t work should visit the Psychiatric unit of a hospital and see for themselves , instead of believing blindl...

  6. Michael Sullivan says:

    Terrifying The corruption involved in pharma companies and the harms these drugs can cause in those exposed.

  7. Tapani Aulu says:

    Pelottavaa teksti taas G tzschelt Jos ei tiet isi ett kaverilla on ihan t ysp isi juttuja, voisi kuvitella t t foliohattuiluksi Mutta kun l hteet ja viitteet ovat kunnossa n in maallikon silmin , on vaikea sivuuttaa olankohautuksella T st olisi kiva n hd arvo...

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