History of the Second World War

History of the Second World War Read History Of The Second World War Author BH Liddell Hart Liversite History Of The Second World War, BH Liddell Hart S Last Work As Well As His Magnum Opus, Embodies The Fruits Of Years Of Research A Lifetime Of Thinking On War It Abounds With Controversial Judgments, Including Provocative Assertions About The True Causes Behind France S Defeat In , Hitler S Failed Invasion Of Russia Japan S Stunning Victory At Pearl Harbor The Effectiveness Of The Allies Strategic Bombing Of Germany The Questionable Necessity Of Detonating Atom Bombs Over Hiroshima Nagasaki Much This Monumental History Is Both A Crowning Achievement A Final Summation By One Of The Greatest Military Thinkers Of The Th Century

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  • 800
  • English
  • 11 November 2018
  • Paperback
  • 992 pages
  • 9781447266921
  • History of the Second World War
  • B.H. Liddell Hart

10 thoughts on “History of the Second World War

  1. Evan says:

    In 1969, Sir Captain B.H Liddell Hart a World War I veteran and poison gas survivor inked the finishing touches on this towering overview of World War II after working on it for 20 years, and thereafter, ironically, died immediately in the comfort of his own home The book is a grand legacy of a lifetime of brilliant and innovative military thinking, and up to its time was probably the best and most authoritative general overview of the war yet written Maybe it still is.The copy I read had sat undisturbed in my parents library for 40 years until I decided in late summer 2011 to finally give it a go, and once inside I treated it like a military campaign proceeding cautiously at first, steeling my resources like General Montgomery, and then, once confidently ensconced, striding forth with blitzkrieg speed, gathering ever faster momentum like generals Guderian and Patton.And what a great achievement it is, all three pounds of it The sight of me cradling this 2 1 4 inch thick behemoth prompted someone to ask if I was reading the Bible If I was heretofore in doubt as to whether this would qualify as my annual big ass summer read, that question laid it to rest.So, is Liddell Hart s book on WWII perfect No, not at all There are omissions and certain instances...

  2. Anthony says:

    I decided to read Liddell Hart s History of the Second World War because I had seen it cited in many places as the definitive one volume guide to a subject I have watched too many tv shows on but read few books about Surprisingly, it seems to be out of print, but I found several old hardcovers not the one pictured here at the Strand I would recommend it to anyone interested in a one volume history or the war, with the caveats below most of which will probably not trouble the English speaker and broadly replicate the limitations of the familiar History Channel treatment of the subject.The book is long, but well organized and rather readable, with the exception of several instances where the volume of units and geographical landmarks become too dense to follow The plentiful maps are generally very good I found myself referring to the them constantly while reading the text but, inevitably, they are occasionally not quite detailed enough.Perhaps unexpectedly, Liddell Hart devotes an undue amount of time to the matters he most familiar with, those involving the British Army As a result, probably too much of the book is devoted to North Africa and B...

  3. Jack says:

    Good overview of WWII Liddell Hart provides a broad coverage of the major campaigns with enough detail to entice the reader while providing the stratagems for the thinker A classic author and strategists providing a classic work.

  4. Saurabh says:

    a classic depiction of the modern war.2learned a lot of hitlers tactics nd his mistakes which backfiredcame to know dat WW 2 was not jus about hitler nd germany it was about bravity of allied forces nd especially russia nd britain...

  5. carl theaker says:

    I got read this book when it first came out It was much anticipated asHart was quite the respected historian Obviously 713 pages isn t reallythat much for all of WW2, so it s a high level perspective and a goodbasis for knowledge.

  6. Armin says:

    Vier Sterne als Klassikerbonus Die Analysen sind besser als beim mit drei Sternen bedachten Andrews, der in Sachen Darstellungen einzelner Schlachten klar von der Gnade der sp ten Geburt profitiert.

  7. Justinl says:

    History of the Second World War.This book is great I liked this book so much It interested me so much I just couldn t stop reading it Even through this book was over 700 pages I still read it over 600 in 3 days That is how much I liked this book It was a part of history that no one who was in it or was alive during that era that is still alive now will forget The war cost the lives of 48 million people The Nazi s or Germans killed 6 million Jews, and 5 Million other people who Hitler did not approve of They started the war by invading Poland on September 1, 1939, early in the morning On September 3, 1939 England and France declared war on Germany The Americas wanted to stay out of the war until December 7, 1941 A date which will live in infamy On that day Japan Without warning they attacked the naval base in Honolulu, Hawaii The next day President FDR said that December 7, 1941 was a date which will live in infamy Then the United States of America declared war on Japan, Italy, and Germany On June 4, 1944 The Allies began the invasion of Northern France nicknamed D Day When Hitler found out about the invasion he was not happy He decided to take out his anger on the Jews and The other undesirables He started murdering Jews and The other undesirables of Europe He and Goering along with Himmler and Goebbels started murdering all...

  8. Jason says:

    What a ride This is a 700 page, exhaustively researched and almost painfully detailed, account of every last corner of WW2, written by possibly the period s most distinguished historian.From this dispassionate academic angle, even the famous actions look completely different, and the big victories and defeats look way less organised and chaotic And it s only through examining many actions that s it s possible to get a handle on Rommel s genius, for example, or the strengths and weaknesses of the Montgomery or Patton.The main picture that emerges is how small seemingly irrelevant events can have such a huge effect on something as enormous as this war It would only have taken a handful of decisions taken differently to prevent the whole thing, for example, or shorten it by almost a year, or keep the Russians out completely.Finally, with the war as it stands, it s quite clear that the Hitler lost...

  9. Çağatay Boz says:

    B t n yle kinci D nya Sava n n asker y n zerine yo unla an, enfes bir al ma Her ne kadar g ncel bilgilerle haz rlanan ve daha iyi olarak nitelendirilebilecek al malar olsa da g n m zde, Liddell Hart n kinci D nya Sava Tarihi, uzun y llar boyunca tarih ilerden kinci D nya Sava merakl lar na kadar bir ok grup ve birey taraf ndan referans olarak kullan ld , kullan lmaya devam da edilmekte.Kerim Ba r a k n evirisini...

  10. Andreas Schmidt says:

    L analisi del capitano Lidell HartLa storia della seconda guerra mondiale di Liddell Hart analizza tutti gli aspetti del conflitto, da cosa lo innesc a come si concluse Non credo ci sia molto da dire sui contenuti, eccetto per il modo in cui si presentano spesso sono analisi di movimenti di divisioni e armate a volte percentuali, come bombardieri persi, missioni di bombartamento, tonnellaggio di naviglio affondato dagli u boot Qua e l filtra il pensiero di Hart, in particolare s...

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