100 Documents That Changed the World

100 Documents That Changed the World Ebook Documents That Changed The World Scott Christianson Airdomains A Tour Of The History Of The World Through The Declarations, Manifestos, And Agreements From The Magna Carta And The Declaration Of Independence To Wikileaks This Fascinating Collection Gathers The Most Significant Written Documents That Have Influenced And Shaped The Way We Think About The World And The Course Of History From The Magna Carta To The Gettysburg Address To Martin Luther King, Jr S I Have A Dream Speech , The Documents Showcased Here Chart Dramatic High Points Of World History In Addition To Official Charters And Famous Treaties, There Are Also Less Well Known Yet Nonetheless Interesting Items Included, Such As The Apollo Flight Plan, Apple S Incorporation Documents, And The Check With Which The US Purchased Alaska From Russia Equally Interesting Are Watson And Crick S Scrawled Notes Leading To The Discovery Of DNA, Darwin S Journal, And The Annotated Manuscripts For Freud S Interpretation Of Dreams And Orwell S Novel Beautifully Illustrated In Full Color, This Book Not Only Informs But Also Entertains As It Demonstrates How The Power Of The Written Word Has Shaped, Changed, Enhanced, And Even Revolutionized The World

  • 4.3
  • 691
  • 14 December 2017
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • 9780789329363
  • 100 Documents That Changed the World
  • Scott Christianson

10 thoughts on “100 Documents That Changed the World

  1. Khaled says:

    A good book that presents documents which influenced the course of the history from ancient times to Snowden Files and Wikileaks. The colored pictures of the manuscripts make reading this book enjoyable, and thrilling..

  2. Summer Kartchner Olsen says:

    A really fun and interesting book Good for conversation around the dinner table I learned about several documents I had never heard of and because the book only has a couple of pages for each document, you will definitely want to go read about many of them I also li...

  3. Sarah - All The Book Blog Names Are Taken says:

    My book blog really love books like this, the 50 Objects or 12 Maps that changed the world type books This book is no exception, as it covered several documents that truly did change the world, for better or worse While I disagree somewhat with some of the items included War and Peace and 1984 I do not consider books to be documents per se , the majority really do help the book live up to its name How can you go wrong when writing about Magna Carta, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Apollo 11 Flight Plan, and Anne Frank s diary in one volume Turns out, you can Or, at least not go wrong , but you can be lacking in detail and description at times I understand this is not meant to be exhaustive, seeing as how it is quite slim to begin with, so I will get my complaints out of the way before I delve further in to discuss some of the specific documents addressed that I felt were among the most important There is only one actual page of textual information devoted to each document, though that page often included a small picture of those who signed, witnessed, wrote, etc the document The opposite page was usually a picture of the document itself Additionally, for a good portio...

  4. Lynn Mann says:

    A very interesting set of documents and I learnt a lot about periods of history and history of the world that I have never studied As always with lists, it s worth thinking about what s been left out The vast majority of the documents were written in either Europe or the USA, or, if about another part of the world, were written by Westerne...

  5. John says:

    Fascinating read of one groups idea naming 100 documents that changed the world There were so many not chosen in the field of religion alone that the editorial stance is suspect Religion does matter when it comes to world affairs Well worth reading to be reminded of the things yo...

  6. Laura says:

    This isn t exactly the kind of book you sit down and read start to finish though I did It reads like an encyclopedia It s the kind of book that you put on your coffee table and browse at periodically Great pictures, lots of interesting information.

  7. Summer says:

    This was a very fun and interesting coffee table type book.

  8. Keith says:

    Interesting in parts, but too light to really grab the attention

  9. Gregory McGinnis says:

    Thanks so much for

  10. Zheluo Cai says:

    Documents through the ages have shaped human history, and this exquisitely illustrated coffee table volume includes maps, parchments, bamboo strips, paper and the printable computer files Each document dating from the I Ching in 2800 BC to the 2013 Edward Snowden Files comes with a descriptive historical background of the document, and where the oldest copy is...

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