The Snail and the Whale

The Snail and the Whale [EPUB] ✻ The Snail and the Whale By Julia Donaldson – Lugu, Kus K Rselg Vaal V Ikese Teoga S Braks Kord Saab See Siin On Kivi, Must Nagu S Si, Ja Tilluke Tigu, Kes Paigal Ei P Si See Tilluke Tigu Kivi Peal Roomas, Merd Silmitses Ta Ja Kaugusi Hoomas Ta Laevu Vahtis, K Rget Kaid On Meri S Gav Ja Maailm Lai Ohkas Pisikene Loom R Nnata Mul Kange Soov Lugu Tillukesest Teost, Ilmatusuurest Vaalast Ja Nende Reisist Mber Maailma.

  • 4.5
  • 947
  • Estonian
  • 05 November 2017
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Snail and the Whale
  • Julia Donaldson

10 thoughts on “The Snail and the Whale

  1. Sophia Triad says:

    The sea is deep and the world is wide How I long to sail ,Said the tiny snail.This is a story about a snail with an itchy foot and a humpback whale who helped the little snail to travel around the world.Fro...

  2. Michael says:

    I don t usually rate children s books here on Goodreads, but this one is insanely good The poetry is playful, but also has a certain driving quality that makes it rare among children s books These are the waves that arched and crashed, That foamed and frolicked and sprayed and splashed The tiny snail On the tail of the whale Wow I just love the sheer sophistication of the langua...

  3. James says:

    More fun and another lovely story from the respective writing and illustrating pens of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

  4. Louise says:

    Another one that my son just giggled all the way through.

  5. Jenna says:

    I have to admit I m normally sort of allergic to children s books that rhyme, because so many children s books handle verse poorly and because, when I read books that rhyme, my brain has trouble turning off the impulse to judge them as poetry and keeps piping up with nitpicks like, Golden Couldn t the author have chosen a less cliche adjective Still, The Snail and the Whale is quite winsome, particularly in its use of subtler complex poetic effects such as internal rhyme, alliteration great big gray blue , This is the house that Jack built inspired anaphora, and thematically meaningful repetition for example, the way the teacher s admonitions and her association with a soot black chalkboard hearken back to the admonitions of the risk averse snail flock on their soot black rock, drawing a parallel between individualism restricting forces of different kinds And there are charming shades of Charlotte s Web in how the smaller animal uses writing to save the larger animal Also,...

  6. Rory Wise says:

    Wonderful story Loved the suggestion that brilliant friendships do not necessarily have to be between two similar individuals In this story the two characters are brought together, and aid each other, with their differences, not similarities.

  7. Claire Russell says:

    The Snail and the Whale is a heart warming story about how friendship can come about in the most remarkable way A snail stuck on his rock yearns for adventure and to see of the World The whale who is passing by offers the snail a chance of adventure and together they set sail seeing towering icebergs far off land huge waves the enormous sky and so on The snail is awestruck by all the things he sees and feels his place in the World is very small That is until the whale gets beached after becoming too curious about some jet skis and getting to close to land The snail has to use his ingenuity to rescue the whale and in doing so realises that it doesn t matter what size you are, you can still help your friends and be recognised in the World Together the snail and the whale return to the rock they started their journey from and collect all the other snails to go on another adventure I like this story as it is sensitive story, putting the values of friendship and kindness at the forefront in a straightforward way It illustrates to children that even though they may sometimes feel small and ineffectual that they can do some fantastic things it is after all the children who are central in rescuing the snail With characteristic Julia Donaldson writing and rhyming, the pace of the book means it is fun to read out loud and creates a strong atmosphere f...

  8. Laura says:

    The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson is a fantastically written story which outlines the random travels of an unlikely duo Through Axel Scheffler s use of colourful illustrations, the catchy rhyming and alliterations throughout the story, we get to see all of the places that the pair encountered on their travels, including the towering iceberg , far away lands and golden sands When the whale loses his way and they both wash up on a beach, there is instant panic as the big whale and the tiny snail both feel utterly helpless Luckily, the snail is determined to save his new friend The...

  9. Kathryn says:

    I liked many things about this engaging story about a little snail who longs to see the world, and the kindly whale who agrees to give her a ride on its tail At first, the story is one of awe and discovery and friendship But, seeing so many amazing things in the big, wide world, the snail feels so very small Then, it becomes an environmental cautionary tale as the whale is upset by speed boaters and ends up beached The little snail has a chance to do something BIG and save her friend And, with the help of some school children and others, she succeeds This would be a fun read aloud, though at times the rhyme schem...

  10. Carrie says:

    I like how the book rhymes I also liked how the snail and the whale both helped each other E Age7

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