Her Forbidden Knight

Her Forbidden Knight PDF Epub Her Forbidden Knight Rex Stout Rarefishingbooks The Lobby Loungers Of New York S Upscale Hotel Lamartine Formed A Curious Community An Unlikely Collective Bulwark Of Innocence So When Hotel Telegrapher Lila Becomes Enmeshed In A Counterfeiting Gang, The Erring Knight Who Comes To Her Rescue May Well Be One Of The Forgers Themselves

  • 4.5
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  • English
  • 22 December 2018
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • 9780727853691
  • Her Forbidden Knight
  • Rex Stout

10 thoughts on “Her Forbidden Knight

  1. Mike says:

    I am a huge fan of Rex Stout s Nero Wolfe series of novels That being said, I ve never found any of his other works to be that interesting I m afraid Stout s first novel Her Forbidden Knight falls firmly into that category as well as the short story rife with typos for shame, Skyhorse publishing An Officer and a Lady that is included.Yes, I realize a LOT has changed since 1913 roughly twenty years before Nero Wolfe arrived when Stout wrote this first novel, but even so, Her Forbidden Knight fails on several levels But I will say this, I did stick with the book until the end even though I saw the big twist at the end coming from a mile off because I ve watched a lot of courtroom dramas and found it to be mildly interesting in an odd, old fashioned, time capsule sort of way.Okay, the first thing that s wrong with this book is the narrator Stout gets himself way too involved in the telling of the tale He s an omniscient narrator who makes regular comments about the characters and the story and how he s telling the story b...

  2. Gregory says:

    This is an early novel by Stout, twenty years before he invented Nero Wolfe 1913 a date that is found nowhere in my recent reprint, probably intentionally If I read Wikipedia correctly, it s Stout s first published novel The book is kind of a mish mash of crime novel and Victorian romance, with a number of aspects that seem very clich d at this date The male characters are all supposed to have jobs, yet they hang around a hotel, shooting billiards and smoking like English gentlemen in a Wodehouse novel The love story could come out of Dickens, with climactic moments when the characters call each other My dearest and the gentleman kisses the lady s hands Yes, actually kisses her hands There are some interesting aspects to the novel, and in particular, it is somewhat difficult to tell who is going to be the hero and who the villain for some time That provides some useful tension However, on the whole, I found it rather difficult to get through, as the unrealistic situations sap some of the crime story s strength There is not enough plot for the first two thirds or so of the book, though things move quickly near the end There are welcome flashes of wit from time to time, but the ending is marred by a happy ending coincidence straight out of the 19th century.Fo...

  3. Arthur Pierce says:

    Rex Stout s first novel, serialized in a pulp magazine in 1913 and not published in book form until 84 years later, is a somewhat clumsily written melodrama set in his familiar New York City It is a far cry from the witty, well constructed Nero Wolfe detective stories for which he became famous, but is never the less compelling and entertaining And, of course, there is the fasc...

  4. Darcy says:

    I so enjoyed this example of Rex Stout s early writing I am very familiar with his mysteries with Nero Wolfe as the quintessential armchair detective, but I had no idea he wrote serialized novels in the 1910 s I enjoyed the century old quaint habits and customs of the characters, and the story was pretty good What really impressed me was how his writing style differed from his detective fic...

  5. Charles van Buren says:

    Incredible difference between this first novel and the later Nero Wolfe novels., August 14, 2017This review is from Her Forbidden Knight Kindle Edition It amazes me that the painfully amateurish author of Her Forbidden K...

  6. Virginia Tican says:

    This is a romance that only Rex Stout can write and only a lover of all his works can love The Lamartine is a well known reputable hotel situated at Madison Square At its spacious lobby are islands of business counters like a telegraph counter presided by an Angel and a corner stand for a Venus cigarette girl The Lamartine is also the daytime watering hole for a motley collection of quixotic gallants and gentlemen idlers called by the Venus by the Corner the Erring Knights who have done things in their pasts that do not bear well under microscopic scrutiny or even under a magnifying glass for that matter and have resolved not to question one another s histories Lila Williams is the telegraph teller operator and the Lady to their Knights and to her they have pledged their gallant protection as most of them have no regular jobs Then along came a well educated young gallant who started sending telegrams thrice a week using only 10.00 bills and he shortly became one of the Erring Knights It was love at first sight for Lila and pretty soon, it was no longer just a job for John Norton For John is not as he seems, plus he has a rival for Lila s affections in one of the Knights the secrets of his past that necessitated a change of name and relocation to New York together with his present criminal activities have further complicated his future with Lila I think this is a well crafted, heart warming and truly poignant romance not forgetting the humor that deserves a place of honor...

  7. Fredrick Danysh says:

    One of Rex Stout s early pre Nero Wolfe works The alluring Lila Williams works as a telegraph operator in an up scale hotel when several men become her knight errants to protect her from unsavory characters Through circumstances beyond her control, she is caught up in a counterfeiting s...

  8. Yosef Shapiro says:

    An early story by Nero Wolfe creator Rex Stout This story is very dated and has no really great standout characters.

  9. Kate K. F. says:

    Her Forbidden Knight was originally written in the early part of the 1900s and reflects a different New York than is normally portrayed in Rex Stout s books The focus is on a hotel where a group of men who have varying amounts of success and few steady jobs among them spend their time seeing themselves as the Knights of Lila who works at the telegraph booth She s young and alone in New York and appreciates their care and while I expected this storyline to be uncomfortable, it was well handled The story follows what h...

  10. Marcia Scurfield says:

    Having read almost all of the Nero Wolfe Mysteries, when I came across Rex Stout s first novel at Al s New and Used Bookstore in Wichita, KS for 1 no less I had to check it out It was first published in five parts from August to December,1913 in All Story Magazine, and only published in book form in 1997 The first Nero Wolfe novel, Fer de Lance was published in 1934, so this serialized novel predates the Nero Wolfe books by 21 years.Whenever I find a musician, artist or author with which I strongly connect, I want to experience their whole catalogue raisonne to use an art term, that is, their whole body of wor...

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