Last Kiss

Last Kiss ❮KINDLE❯ ➚ Last Kiss ➔ Author Jessica Clare – Naomi When I Was Kidnapped I Thought Only Of Survival I Gave My Captors Exactly What They Wanted My Skill With Computers Making Millions For A Crime Lord Who Kept Me Imprisoned In His Basement Compound Kept My Family Safe When He Was Taken Out, I Thought My Ticket To Freedom Had Arrived Wrong I Traded One Keeper For Another This Time I M In The Hands Of A Scarred, Dark, Demanding Russian Who Happens To Be The Head Of The Bratva, A Russian Crime Organization He Wants My Brain And My Body I D Be Lying If I Said I Wasn T Intrigued, But I Can T Be A Prisoner Forever No Matter How Good He Makes Me Feel Vasily At A Young Age, I Was Taught That A Man Without Power Is A Puppet For All I Ve Clawed And Killed My Way To The Top So That It Is My Heel On Their Necks But To Unify The Fractured Organization Into An Undefeatable Machine, I Need A Technological Genius To Help Me Steal One Particular Artifact That She Is Breathtaking, Determined, And Vulnerable Is Making Her Dangerous Than All Of My Enemies Combined Soon, I Must Choose Between Naomi And Bratva Law But With Every Day That Passes, This Becomes A Impossible Choice.

  • 4.5
  • 9024
  • English
  • 05 July 2018
  • Audio CD
  • 9781494509804
  • Last Kiss
  • Jessica Clare

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  1. Amanda says:

    Meet the surly Russian mafia and the germaphob American hackerThis might just be the best of the Hitman series yet We ve met Vasily Petrovich since the beginning of the series He is some big shot in the Bratva and had allegiance with the two heroes, Nikolai and Daniel in the previous books However, this can still work as a standalone, if you don t have the time to cover the grounds In the previous book when Daniel was trying to save his sister, Naomi, only to have Vasily shipped her away instead Vasily, the brooding mafia wish to seize control the Petrovich Bratva after the assassination of their leader The only thing standing in his way now is the missing Caravaggio painting In order to track down the treasured artifact, Vasily had to gain the assistance from a renowned hacker, who turned out to be Naomi.Naomi is one of a kind heroine, an Aspie hacker who is also a total germaphob I ve read a lot of books with Aspie s character, they usually make you feel pity and depressed, but Naomi just make you want to laugh at her quirks I m fascinated with the way her minds work I think about all the fluids and horr...

  2. Jacqueline& says:

    5 Vasily is my volk StarsLast Kiss is a standalone and is part of the Hitman series.Book 1 Last Hit Nikolai and Daisy s storyBook 2 Last Breath Daniel and Regan s story Regan is Daisy s roommate.Book 3 Last Kiss Vasily and Naomi s story Naomi is Daniel s sister.I love this series Each book gets better and better and Last Kiss is my favorite so far.Daniel saved Naomi, but she is yet again captured and this time by Vasily Vasily needs Naomi to locate a painting This painting is pivotal The painting would help Vasiily control the Petrovich Bratva and help his sister The plan was to obtain the Emperor, find the Madonna, return home and wield absolute power over the Petrovich Bratva, and bring my sister home. Naomi isn t your typical Heroine She has Asperger s You can sense it in the previous book and it s made clear in Last Kiss She doesn t process things the same way as everyone else She doesn t understand sarcasm, she says whatever is on her mind, she is highly intelligent, hates germs and loud noises I was the Emperor Captive of Hudson, hacker extraordinaire and cybercriminal misappropriating funds in exchange for the safety of my family Now, I m just Naomi Hays again. The dynamics between Vasily and Naomi worked for me perfectly I couldn t imagine a better partnership Vasily is like volk, a wolf He bares scars on his body and jus...

  3. Christie«SHBBblogger» says:

    Title Last Kiss Series Hitman 3Author Jen Frederick and Jessica ClareRelease date May 5, 2015Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

  4. Val ⚓️ Shameless, Skanky & Bitchy ⚓️ says:

    3.75 4 StarsI was undecided on my rating for this for a bit, quite honestly Don t get me wrong, I really did enjoy this bookjust not as much as I thought I would, I suppose But being that book two in this series Last Breath is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES you read that right ALL time FAVORITE Them be some bold words right there, I know It s pretty unreasonable of me to expect book three to reach those epic proportions But I be but a human yo, so trying to separate this book from that one is difficult for me So there s that.Overall though, I really enjoyed this story I thought a great job was done with Naomi and her Aspie tendencies Also, Vasily was a great character and I enjoyed finally getting to know him better here Watching these two quirky people come together was a lot of fun to watch HOWEVER.I have a serious confession to make This book really touched on a sensitive subject for me Something that has been a part of my life and affected me for as long as I can remember That s right, I m talking about you, GERMS I fucking hate you Like Naomi, I have bit of OCD, and a whole lotta of GERMAPHOBE in me.That s right, I am that annoying bitch who will wipe down my entire seating area when I get on a plane.That crazy ass who will not sit on a toilet seat not located in my own house Not even at my grandmother s house actually, especially at my grandmother s house That asshole who will not shake a strang...

  5. Claire Robinson says:

    4.5 All will happen as it should Stars Last Kiss follows in the tradition of its predecessors in the Hitman series, in that it is an absolutely stellar read I love the way that that Jen and Jessica have managed to take characters that let s face it, under normal circumstances you would run a mile from and make them likeable, on some levels relatable and completely fall in love with them I am fascinated by this man.I felt the same for Vasily, on the surface a hardened, brash, cold emotionless killer, but pair him with a woman who although completely different struggles in the same ways he does, with self expression, feeling emotions and sharing her feelings and you have a perfect match Naomi due to her Aspergers and Vasily due to his upbringing and the life he generally leads have than a few things in common, some funny some sad, and I found myself laughing as much as sympathizing with both of them as the book progressed You don t get to finger me again This isn t your hearts and flowers romance, but the authors have still given you a story with all the emotion and expec...

  6. Jamie says:

    So Awesome

  7. Cristina says:

    This mafia slut just got her fix and now she s than satisfied DThe Hitman series are one of my favorite mafia series and this book wasn t a let down DWhat I loved the most was the fact that the main female character is a person view spoiler with Asperger s Syndrome an Autism S...

  8. Shanny says:

    Naomi and Vasily s story was so much better than I thought it would be I really thought that Vasily and Naomi were amazing characters, they were just so complex and unique Naomi has Aspergers, she doesn t process things the same way as everyone else She doesn t understand sarcasm, she says whatever is on her mind But she is also way beyond brilliant, she is an extraordinary computer hacker and so strong and brave, throughout the book While Naomi was different from most heroines I couldn t help but love her , her endless facts were just so funny One of my favorite parts of the book was when we got to read how Naomi really feels about her Aspergers.Vasily is a member of the Bratva.He is a cold hearted killer, who doesn t like to be touched and he trusts no one I loved seeing Vasily change from a dangerous man with no feelings to a caring, protective and loving man Perhaps I still need lessons on how to read her Do you want to have sex with me, Naomi Of course I don t need sex, exactly But I d like for you to put your mouth between my legs And I d like to feel your penis inside me I think that would feel good based on prior empirical evidence He didn t try to change her, he tried to understand her quirks so he could...

  9. Olga therebelreader says:

    5 UNIMPEACHABLE STARS I m speechless What a book The story was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat It, also, had suspense, romance and hot sexy times The dual POV worked so well, and that s why I fell in love with both Vasily and Naomi This book had many different elements maki...

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