Rubys Sword

Rubys Sword Read Rubys Sword Author Jacqueline Veissid Chronicle Books Has Bought Rosie S Sword By Jacqueline Veissid, To Be Illustrated By Paola Zakimi, In Which A Girl, Always Feeling Left Out Of Her Older Brothers Play, Uses A Stick And A Big Imagination To Transform The World Around Her Publication Is Slated For Spring 2019.

  • 4.5
  • 974
  • 08 March 2018
  • Hardcover
  • Rubys Sword
  • Jacqueline Veissid

10 thoughts on “Rubys Sword

  1. Jenny says:

    Ruby s big brothers always go off to play, leaving Ruby chasing behind calling Wait for me or My turn Then Ruby finds some swords in the ground and uses them to help her loyal subjects ants cross a creek an...

  2. KDV says:

    An excellent book about a girl making her own fun after her older brothers ignore her hits very close to home Ruby is imaginative, tough and independent and completely adorable Beautiful illustrations of the natural world and a happy ending for all Yes

  3. Barbara says:

    Many younger siblings will be able to relate to this book While Ruby would love to be included in her older brothers games, they almost always leave her behind When that happens yet again, Ruby wanders off by herself and discovers three sticks that are ideally suited to be swords She generously gives two of them to her brothers, thinking that they will include her in some sword fighting When they don t, Ruby goes her own way and entertains herself and imagines that this is her own kingdom Eventually, her brothers are drawn to join ...

  4. Jared White says:

    Ruby s a little bit smaller than her brothers and not quite as fast, so they leave her behind But then she makes a marvelous discovery, three swords aka sticks laying in the grass She presents two swords to her brothers, which they gladly accept but then begin to exclude her again.When a sheet blows off the cloths line and she begins to make a fort her brothers suddenly want to play with her but she ignores them and off they go, only to return a few minutes later to present her with gifts including to offer the service of their swo...

  5. Nancy says:

    Ruby s brothers consider her a pest and always leave her behind One day, Ruby finds three swords long sticks hidden in the grass , gives two of them to her brothers so they will swashbuckle with her, and, after they run off without her, uses her imagination to fight a dragon, have a royal feast, and save loyal subjects all on her own When she begins building a castle with sticks and a sheet, her brothers return with honorable offerings tw...

  6. Diane says:

    Ruby wants her brothers to include her, but they quickly move away Ruby has her imagination to keep her company, however She finds the perfect swords for fighting fearsome dragons and runs to catch up with her brothers But even when she hands them their swords, they still won t play with her And she has so ...

  7. Molly Cluff (Library!) says:

    I thought I d like this book best for it s imagination theme, but I ended up liking it best for the sibling relationship Warm fuzzies The little sister finds swords for her and her brothers to play with When they ignore her and play with each other, she finds her own ways to be cre...

  8. Great Books says:

    Neither age nor size could keep Ruby s spirit down This strong female is an adventurous, imaginative, thoughtful, and forgiving leader The sweet and simple narrative describes a familiar dynamic that most any child with siblings can relate with Lyrical text draws in readers, whil...

  9. MaryLibrarianOH says:

    Big brothers aren t paying much attention to Ruby but her imagination keeps her company until they decide to all play together.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    A perfect book for any younger sibling who has felt left out Very cute illustrations and a sweet imaginative story.

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