Nights End (Nights Champion #3)

Nights End (Nights Champion #3) Read Nights End Nights Champion 3 Author Richard Parry This Is An Alternate Cover Edition Of ASINB072PRHBBX.Can Mortals Stand Against The Powers Of The Heavens Vampires Have Hunted Werewolves Almost To Extinction Val And Danny, The Last Of Their Werewolf Kind, Aim To Strike Back At The Heart Of Their Ancient Foe They Have Tracked The Vampire Leaders To The City That Never Sleeps.Kaylan Gleicher Is Death, And With Her Brother Pestilence, They Lead The Vampires They Are Riders Of The Apocalypse, And Have Created The Vampires To Drain The Life From The World The Night S Champions Are Nothing Compared With The Forces Of Creation Even Adalia S Gifts Can T Stand Against Those Made To End All Things.Hope Seems Futile Until The Pack Gains An Unlikely Ally In A Fallen Vampire Will Val And Danny Be Able To Put Trust In Those Who Have Always Been The Werewolves Enemies To Save The World From Judgement Night S End Is The Gripping Conclusion To Richard Parry S Night S Champion Trilogy If You Like Page Turning Supernatural Thrillers With Great Dialogue And Heart Pumping Action, Then You Ll Love This Series From A Sir Julius Vogel Award Finalist For Both Best Novel And Best New Talent.

  • 4.5
  • 929
  • English
  • 18 February 2017
  • Kindle Edition
  • 357 pages
  • Nights End (Nights Champion #3)
  • Richard Parry

10 thoughts on “Nights End (Nights Champion #3)

  1. Susan Angela Wallace says:

    Night s end by Richard Parry Can mortals stand against the powers of the heavens Valentine and Danny s Pack are hunting the Night s great enemy They have tracked them to the City That Never Sleeps Old frie...

  2. Kerry Dillenburg says:

    Phenomenal trilogyIt is a rarity to truly find a novelist with stand alone brilliance Richard Parry is such a writer His trilogy Night s Champion should become a classic.

  3. Frances Duncan says:

    My favourite part was in the middle of a tense scene plotting how to beat the bad guys with terrible odds when Adalia says Oh fuck everyone turns to her, all concerned and she s just realised she s late for work That sense that normal...

  4. S says:

    Richard Parry is one of the few authors that can have me telling myself just one page then I can go to bed instead I end up reading till wee hours of the morning to find out what else is going to happen, his books just suck me in Nights End is the final book in this werewolf series The funny thing is I haven t read a werewolf book in years as they all are pretty much the same just with different names This book however is nothing like any of those This pack becomes your pack and you are following them through thick and thin You know it s going to be gory and you may lose a few members but when it comes to saving them and humanity you are all in.After having to covertly wipe away tears when we lost Sky and Just James in book two I was in public reading I prepared myself for the pack to be basically annihilated in this book I thought I prepared myself I should say I was a blubbering rung out mess at the end of this book There are some shockers in this book, as they say didn t see that one coming A few new additions to the pack some you are not certain of their total commitment others you know they are all in When the story started things were a little loosey goosey with how the author handled introducing new characters and at times left some stuff out that probably needed a bit than a passing thought This last book is much tighter and when things ...

  5. Ziggy Nixon says:

    4 stars for the book, easily 4 stars for an amazing trilogy Yes, I m giving Night s End a 4 star rating just like the previous two chapters of this really addictive trilogy ALTHOUGH I must confess this last tome isn t, I don t know, sitting as well with me as the first two books did On one hand, I really don t know how Parry could have done much else with the story or the ever growing list of players but on the other hand it just seemed a bit too epic Certainly an argument could be made for biblical avoiding spoilers much like Episode VI of Star Wars which I always thought of as The Redemption of Vader but what do I know Still, I found that I COULD put it down and I m also not a huge fan of Anglo Saxon religious fablesHaving said that, I will confess that it was perhaps my own expectations that set this book up to, well, not fail because it s far too good to even hint at that No, I think it s just a case of that the graph was heading up so sharply that anything less than a straight read through and writing to goodreads to demand that I be allowed to put in 6 stars would have been enough Yes, I ve felt like that before with a lot of trilogies some of which I ve mentioned before in my previous reviews noting that The Passage books were very similar in this regard Speaking of w...

  6. Scott says:

    A Momentual read which will FOREVER stand out Parry does it again with this the last of his nights champion books Without too many hints at the spoilers every books caries a deep theme of human nature Unlike most supernatural books the Night the esscence of the supernatural bonds well with the human nature we all carry in such a way that every new twist is unexpected but given as an absolute truth What you knew about the world is just about to change again ,and you will always remember the Nights Champion books causing such a fundamental shift in expectations because it just makes a very believable case Hope those wh...

  7. Kay says:

    What a brilliant original take on werewolves and vampires and their battle for supremacy, with humans stuck pretty much in the middle This latest novel is full of action, with twists you don t see coming and an ending that will pulverise you Every book in this series has been sharp, fast paced and with full bodied chara...

  8. Linda B. Vuono says:

    Crazy good Just read all 3 books Nights Favor, Nights Fall, and Nights End.The books are wonderfully paced and the characters are so vivid I could envision each and every character.The story line is not average by any means It s incredible, dramatic, wonderful, amazing, and sometimes sad, but I guarantee you won t be able to put these books down I think they woul...

  9. Clayton says:

    NiceNice Would like with these characters, but has been a great series Gonna check out by this author.

  10. Pat says:

    These books get better and better Would highly recommend.

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