Land of Britannica

Land of Britannica PDF Land Of Britannica Jenny Woolsey Twelve Year Old Brittney Is Upset Her Parents Have Split Up And She Wants Them Back Together After Dad Introduces His Girlfriend To Brittney And Her Brothers, She Is Plunged Into A Strange World The Land Of Britannica This Kingdom Is Ruled By The Evil Storm Queen And It Is Brittney S Mission, As Stated In The Book Of The Kingdom, To Defeat The Queen And Restore The Cracked Green Heart That Hangs In The Sky She Must Face Many Perils And Dangers Will Brittney Be Able To Fulfil Her Destiny Land Of Britannica Is An Allegory Brittney Must Work Through Stages Of Grief As She Goes On Her Mission To Save The People.This Is A Wonderful Story Of A Brave Girl Who Fights Evil For Good.

  • 4.5
  • 0989
  • 17 August 2017
  • Paperback
  • 198 pages
  • 9780994534149
  • Land of Britannica
  • Jenny Woolsey

3 thoughts on “Land of Britannica

  1. Anne Hamilton says:

    Brittney s parents have separated and she s having trouble coping with the girlfriend her dad has introduced to the family She really wanted her parents back together On noticing a green glow under her bed, she is swept into another realm There, she discovers she is considered the Chosen One , the one who will mend the cracked green heart and restore love, hope and faith to the Kingdom of Britannica Brittney is confused ...

  2. Jeanette says:

    Four and a half stars for Land of Britannica by Jenny Woolsey Twelve year old Brittney is struggling with the separation and probable divorce of her parents When Dad introduces his girlfriend, Brittney feels overwhelmed Unable to sleep, she sees a green glow under her bed and finds herself in a kingdom with a cracked green heart hanging in the sky and an evil Storm Queen Much to her surprise, the people of the kingdom believe Brittney is the chosen one , the girl from the Book of the Kingdom, who will mend the green heart and save the realm from the Queen Brittney must face her fears as she battles trolls, fierce guards and the Queens magic She receives help along the way, and there are many strange cross overs between her normal world and this new one, including her companion, a talking cat called Marmalade almost identical to her cat at home Land of Britannica follows the well tried path of hero s journey, with a quest an...

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