The Pair of Purple Shoes

The Pair of Purple Shoes Reading The Pair Of Purple Shoes Mina Qarabaghi Contra Novelette The Novelette Is About Two Young Girls, Growing Up In Two Different Countries, Two Different Cultures And Two Different Situations Aimee Is A French Girls Living A Normal Life, With Every Day Challenges And Some Big Challenges Eventually Life Trows At Her Aimee Donates A Pair Of Her Favorite Purple Shoes, Which Ends Up In Afghanistan From A First World Country To A Third World Country Vareena S Mother Buy The Donated Shoes From A Donation Market She Buys New Shoes For Vareena For Eid, Which Is An Afghan Special Day Vareena S Story Starts From There, But Aimee S Story Is Not Over Yet Ordinary French Girl, Ordinary Afghan Girl, Extraordinary Tale Of Womanhood.

  • 4.5
  • 986
  • English
  • 17 April 2018
  • Paperback
  • 62 pages
  • 9781782225355
  • The Pair of Purple Shoes
  • Mina Qarabaghi

8 thoughts on “The Pair of Purple Shoes

  1. Mariah Roze says:

    I read this book because the author is a member of my Goodreads book club Diversity in All Forms When she asked if I would read her book I jumped at the opportunity I am always looking for a new read This book is very short only 62 pages so it is a super fast read and I read it in one sitting I really enjoyed this book because it could have been very long with everything that it covered, but the author just told you the main points and never went into large amounts of details I really like how this book got to the point The book is about two young girls, growing up in two different countries Afghanistan and France They have two completely different cultures and situations However, there are still similarities between them And the biggest similarity that they face is death They both face losing a loved one Aimee, the gir...

  2. Shirley Revill says:

    The very first thing that makes me want to pick up a book and maybe want to read it is the cover on a book This is such a book and the cover is quite beautiful with the picture of a pair of purple shoes.What I didn t realize is what a poignant tale the child s pair of shoes had to tell about the lives of two different children many miles apart.Both suffered sadness in their lives but for one of the children it was far worse I don t want to spoil the story for anyone who has not already read this book but I was in tears when I was reading.The story will stay in my mind and heart for a lifetime and made me realise how much suffering there is in this world.Every person in this world needs love and understanding but most of all everyone needs hope that one day people will live in peace with each other.Thank you so much to Mina for a copy of this book it was really so very kind of you also to Paragon Publishin...

  3. Mina Qarabaghi says:

    Sometimes walking in the same shoes doesn t necessarily mean, that their stories are anything alike But we all can relate to a few tears and laughter What could a girl from Afghanistan have in common with a girl from France, miles apart Find out.

  4. MRS LISA LING says:

    Good story Bit confusing But thought provoking Very sad.Good story Bit confusion Thought provoking Very sad Just shows difference in girls lives world wide And lucky unluckily some girls are.

  5. Mina Qarabaghi says:

    Get it free on kindle today and tomorrow.

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