21st-Century Challenges of Command

21st-Century Challenges of Command Reading 21st Century Challenges Of Command Author Anna Simons Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Leadership Receives A Tremendous Amount Of Attention, But What About The Day To Day Command Challenges That Confront O 4s, O 5s, And O 6s In Today S War Zones What Has Command Entailed Over The Past Decade And A Half For Special Operations Force SOF Commanders Who Have Deployed To Afghanistan And Iraq Either To Lead Or To Work Under Special Operations Task Forces SOTFs Or Combined Joint Special Operations Task Forces CJSOTFs In Both Theaters, Officers Have Had To Contend With Various Competing Hierarchies And Significant Churn What, Then, Might The Army And Military Do To Obviate Or Mitigate These And Other Problems The Contours Of A Potential Solution Are Described And Its Benefits Discussed Senior US Army Leaders, Human Resource Managers, And US Army Military Force Program Managers Interested In The Development And Career Advancement Of Their Deployed Commanders Will Be Most Interested In This Text Military Science Students, Command Officers, Noncommissioned Officer Corps Personnel, And ROTC Students May Also Be Interested In The Author S Recommendations For Solutions Related Items Paid To Perform Aligning Total Military Compensation With Talent Management Can Be Found Here Strong Talent Based Branching Of Newly Commissioned U.S Army Officers Can Be Found Here Armed Forces Officer Can Be Found Here We Fight Handbook For The Naval Warfighter Can Be Found Here

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  • 11 January 2018
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  • 21st-Century Challenges of Command
  • Anna Simons

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