Alliance of the Sunken (Spies of Dragon and Chalk #3)

Alliance of the Sunken (Spies of Dragon and Chalk #3) PDF Epub Alliance Of The Sunken Spies Of Dragon And Chalk 3 Samuel Gately A New City To Explore A New Mystery To Solve A New Enemy To Fear When The Queen S Daughter Went Missing, Her Abductors Left No Clue Beyond A Set Of Wet Footprints In The Halls Years Later, The Footprints Have Returned, Ending At The Door Of Her Only Remaining Child Aaron Lorne And Cal Mast Have Been Summoned To The City Of Surdoore To Unravel The Mystery.It Will Draw Them Deep Below The City, Under Dark Waters And Into The Shark Infested Harbor, For The City Does Not Sleep Easily Beneath, Something Grows Restless In Its Prison The Crimes Of Past Generations Remain Unaccounted For, And Their Evidence Refuses To Stay Buried The Price May Fall On The Head Of A Child If The Spies Of Dragon And Chalk Fail To Navigate The Murky Waters And Unearth The Dark Alliances Forming Below Them.

  • 4.5
  • 990
  • 14 March 2017
  • Kindle Edition
  • Alliance of the Sunken (Spies of Dragon and Chalk #3)
  • Samuel Gately

10 thoughts on “Alliance of the Sunken (Spies of Dragon and Chalk #3)

  1. Lee Fritz says:

    The spies of dragon and chalk are at it again The boys find themselves in the middle of quite the pickle in this one trying to save the queen s daughter, faced with a new water dwelling evil, all while dancing around the politics of continental dragon companies For the third book in a series, this does a very sm...

  2. Daniel Kaplan says:

    best one yetthe author really let loose with his imagination in this one creating new species of characters, vivid descriptions of uncomfortable environments, while leaving me on the edge with plot twists I was impressed at ...

  3. David Hubbard says:

    Not bad, but not great either.Although I would like to keep reading and see what the next book brings, it wasn t as much of a page turner as I had hoped.For a book with dragons and strange beings, it could do with a bit magic, and a fair bit action as the stories go on..

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