The Woven Ring (Sols Harvest, #1)

The Woven Ring (Sols Harvest, #1) Reading The Woven Ring Sols Harvest, Author MD Presley Bandcamptomp A Fantasy Reimagining Of The American Civil War, The Woven Ring Pits Muskets Against Magic, Massive War Machines Against Mind Readers, And Glass Sabers Against Soldiers In Psychic Exoskeletons In Exile Since The Civil War That Tore The Nation Of Newfield Apart, Former Spy And Turncoat Marta Childress Wants Nothing Than To Quietly Live Out Her Remaining Days In The West But Then Her Manipulative Brother Arrives With One Final Mission Transport The Daughter Of A Hated Inventor Deep Into The East Forced To Decide Between Safely Delivering The Girl And Assassinating The Inventor, Marta Is Torn Between Ensuring The Fragile Peace And Sparking A Second Civil War Aided By An Untrustworthy Dobra And His Mysterious Mute Companion, Marta Soon Discovers That Dark Forces, Human And Perhaps The Devil Herself, Seek To End Her Quest Into The East

  • 4.5
  • 040
  • English
  • 21 January 2017
  • Kindle Edition
  • 392 pages
  • The Woven Ring (Sols Harvest, #1)
  • M.D. Presley

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  1. Mihir says:

    Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW ANALYSIS The Woven Ring is M D Presley s debut book and a glorious introduction to the world of Soltera This title is another one that I was lucky enough to be graced with in this year s SPFBO This book was one that stood out to my mind based on its blurb and the fact that it was a fantasy reimagining of the American civil war in a secondary fantasy world I dove in with a lot of expectations and was rewarded immensely It was an easy semifinalist pick along with The Songweaver s Vow.The story begins in two timelines in the world of Soltera The first track starts nineteen years ago as we meet Marta our protagonist a six year old girl who faces a terrible situation The first line of the book sets up the scene wonderfully Marta was mad Carmichael had lied to her Again While this line scene might not seem particularly vicious, we soon learn what truly has happened and how much of a twat Carmichael is The second timeline opens up nearly nineteen years later, Marta is no longer a fresh eyed girl She s a veteran of the civil war that has shaken their nation and left her scarred emotionally physically She however is tasked by her elder sibling Carmichael to hunt down a person whom she hates than her brother Thus begin the two timelines as we see Marta s painful evolution into the person that we meet in the second timeline Very few titles capture the reader s interest by offering than one surprise This...

  2. Lukasz says:

    I was planning to read this book some time ago but decided to wait after the author mentioned on his social media he was planning to change the cover I enjoy good covers I buy with my eyes and the cover on the first edition was, to put it mildly, uninspiring The new one, on the other hand, looks great I think it would stand a chance in already finished best SPFBO cover contest, had it been released earlier It seems there was a reason behind the cover choice and change, as you can read in an interesting blog post by M.D Presley.Even most stunning cover won t make up for mediocre content The Woven Ring has few reviews and I wasn t sure what to expect The synopsis sounds interesting it suggests The Woven Ring will offer something else then gazillion of stories happening in pseudo medieval Europe settings Civil War is a tough subject but also the one that gives a lot of space for creativity and drama.After finishing the book, I feel satisfied with the story, plot, and characters I want Waiting for sequels sucks.The world of Ayr is an exciting place permeated with the Breath of Sol their God Literally The glowing Breaths float in the night and can be caught in a glass and used to illuminate a house although you need to free t...

  3. Esme says:

    I picked this one up on a reddit thread, where someone posted asking for authors of indie books with a small number of reviews to post their work I picked up 22 on that thread, and this will be 9 that I ve finished.I didn t know anything about it going in, and I was pleasantly surprised by the book, there was a lot I liked about it.Characters Marta Born to an affluent family that guards secrets about the use of magic in their world, she s one of 3 siblings, the middle child She s our main POV, and although there are a few instances where the POV jumps from Marta to someone else, 95% of the book is through Martas POV She s been battle hardened and isn t squeamish about killing people, in fact she considers killing them quickly a mercy for people she doesn t like she kills them slowly She s known as a Shaper and can use Breath to form solid objects Carmichael Marta s older brother, who has been nothing but a douche bag to her since their childhood He s a Whisperer, and can use his Breath to affect other peoples minds Isabella Lucas Freebooters who team up with Marta about halfway through the book Caddie a young girl who s been traumatized, and Marta is on a mission to return her to her father and maybe kill the father too, who knows.Plot There s a lot going on here in the plot, it s a civil war kind of book with the East and West at odds over their faith The faith of Sol is a huge part of the book, and a big part...

  4. Petros Triantafyllou says:

    Mihir is one of the few people who can convince me to read a book, and he recommended this one like there s no tomorrow.

  5. Richard Nell says:

    I picked this up as a random freebie, and just kind of slotted it into the TBR pile I ve now devoured it in the last day, mostly because it could very well win SPFBO and become cool Well, take that other guys, I read it first Tl drHugely imaginative, great world building If you re a high fantasy lover who s looking to get lost in the details of a magic system and how it affects the fictional world, this is the book for you And that s coming from a guy who much prefers low fantasy Easy recommend.Main ReviewThis is a unique story You get exactly what the book description promises a kind of re imagined, fantasy version of the American civil war Presley has likely wisely stripped out the slavery aspect, so it s of a war over culture and theology And I m not American so some of this is lost on me, but I also suspect civil war American history buffs will find additional treats in the names places battles.On the negative side, I didn t feel particularly attached to the protagonist Marta who is at least 90% of the pov , and because of the jump...

  6. Adam says:

    Fighting for your ideals is a noble cause, an honorable path in which to dedicate your life But what if those ideals are corrupted, and everything you know and love is ripped away from you what would you become M.D Presley attempts to answer these questions in the remarkable The Woven Ring, book one of the planned four volume Sol s Harvest tetralogy This book is an achievement that excels in so many levels, yet is still greater than the sum of its parts Presley has created a vivid world that has been shattered by civil war, yet pulses with life through its fine cast of characters and a rich system of magical Breath abilities It is elegantly written, with a poetic cadence that rewards multiple passage readings And it is a brilliant start to a series that paints a heartbreaking, yet endearing portrait of a woman who has lost everything, but will never stop fighting.Marta Childress was born a high society noble, daughter of the leader of this continent s Cildra clan This secretive clan is a spy network of men and women gifted in the art of espionage and information gathering, and they hold great political sway The clan was part of the Eastern alliance, known as the Covenant, who declared its independen...

  7. The Nerd Book Review says:

    I have an author interview up on the podcast The Nerd Book ReviewSince this book is still in the SPFBO 2017 I m going to give a thorough review on here than I normally would for a book that I will have on the Pod I really enjoyed this book I stayed up late two nights reading this book even though I had to be up early and knew I d be tired if I did Any book that I stay up late for is a 5 Star in my opinion Presley took a chance here by creating a world based so closely on our own and basing his book pretty closely on the American Civil War There are quite a few important characters who seemed fairly obviously, to a history major anyhoo, based on historical characters from the Civil War This could have been a crutch used to write a derivative work that couldn t stand on its own Instead it was merely the framework he used to build a great story that simply used the Civil War as an anchor point enabling me to stay within the story the entire time I read the book Even if I didn t know exactly where something was happening it wasn t a big deal because I had a sort of mental image from real life Oh yeah and there s magic And a pretty easy to understand magic that is integral to life even for non magic users in a way I haven t seen used before in a fantasy series I won t get too far into it because I prefer mostly spoiler free reviews but I found it to be a strength of the book The book features a female prota...

  8. Wol says:

    CharactersMarta A member of the wealthy Childress family, and our main PoV character She is a part of the Cildra clan, who are secretive about their magical abilities and guard them closely The children of her family are encouraged by her ambitious father to be highly competitive and to believe that affection is weakness.Carmichael Marta s older brother and, to put it delicately, a gigantic dick He cares little for his siblings and will stop at nothing to gain the approval of his father.Oleander Marta s younger sister, a sweet girl who fears that she will not develop magical abilities and will therefore be shunned by the family.My ThoughtsThe Woven Ring is an entertaining flintlock fantasy about civil war, told in a nonlinear narrative Our main focus is on Marta, a young woman of means who is shaped by her experiences both at war and with her highly ambitious family The main conflict is between East and West, and much like in the real world, it s the usual religious political squabbling that tends to be the catalyst for war In this case, in our prologue a standoff between the two sides results in the execution of a prisoner, and everything kicks off.There s a fair bit of hopping between timelines which could annoy some readers, but for the most part this is executed well and it doesn t take too long to get your bearings It s a nicely paced story that doesn t drag, and manages to balance a good d...

  9. Marco Tosolini says:

    I found this book through the TBRindR service over on reddit.The woven ring ist the first in a series of now soonish three books centred around the continent Ayr which was given live by the god Sol For those who do not now the book is a Flintlock Fantasy which means most of the usual tropes you would expect are not here That s maybe also because of the choice of main character in Marta Childress which starts out as a rather damaged character before we learn what caused her to become the person at the start of the book.Also being in the Flintlock or Gunpowder choose your poison genre means there is no classical sword fighting as the technology of the world progressed to roughly the level during the Napoleonic Wars plus minus a few innovations, also magic.The story revolves around a big conflict between East and West We witness the outbreak of the war in the first chapter before we jump forward a few years till after war is over and a unstable peace has taken over As said earlier we see two parts of the story one is in the present where Marta must carry out an assignment from her clan after many years of no contact and the other is the story of Marta and how she became the person she is at the beginning of the book through her lesson...

  10. Jessica says:

    I did enjoy this book and will most likely be reading the second one The story is great and the characters are well written The overall flow of the book was hard for me since it bounced between the past and present Overall a well authored book.

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