A Hell For All Seasons

A Hell For All Seasons A Hell For All Seasons Epub Author Emiliya Ahmadova Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Those Who Lead Lives Carelessly Without Considering The Consequences Of Their Behavior Are Foolhardy Their Wrong Choices Can Unexpectedly Change Their Whole Lives In A Manner That Can Both Shock Them And Fill Them With Regret Although A Person May Want To Go Back And Change Everything, Sometimes It Is Too Late There Are Also Times When We Get Fooled By False Hopes And Expectations, Or Demons That Hide Behind Glamorous Or Adventurous Ideas, And Try To Tempt Us By Offering Something That Looks Alluring And Attractive.Sometimes We May Wish For Something, Yet When We Get It, We Regret It The Question Is, Will You Get A Chance To Correct Your Mistakes Before It Is Too Late Will You Get Another Chance To Start Anew Continue Reading, And You Will See What Can Happen If You Choose The Wrong Path.Seven Short StoriesA Glimpse Of The FutureA Visit To HellRevengeThe Cowboy And The BeastAcross The DarknessThe Nightmare At The Village HelenaThe Price Of The Hypocrisy

  • 4.5
  • 095
  • English
  • 27 August 2018
  • Paperback
  • A Hell For All Seasons
  • Emiliya Ahmadova

10 thoughts on “A Hell For All Seasons

  1. K.J. Simmill says:

    Revenge is a short story addressing sensitive issues by Emiliya Ahmadova Katrina had everything to live for, at fourteen years of age she had her whole life ahead of her She attended the American Bishop High School in New York, and at first she had loved it there, she had friends, passions, everything a girl of that age could want But then came the day where everything changed The day she was completely humiliated beyond recovery She knew it was an embarrassment from which there was no return She swore she could never face school again, hearing their laughter and snide remarks ringing loudly in her head, in fact, it seemed by some strange will she could leave her body and listen closely as they picked fun at her Just when she thought it couldn t get any worse, someone she had once considered a friend did something unforgivable As her spirit soars once it changes, looking now for vengeance.Revenge is a well rounded short story with what I would say to be a heavy Japanese Korean horror influence You see some similarities to the onry in the depiction of Katrina s spirit as it turns towards revenge This was a good story about the ramifications of bullying, showing the effects on a person being subjected to it, but also trying to also show that sometimes, for the bully, things aren t as simple ...

  2. Kitty Muse Book Reviews says:

    Those things that go bump in the night have you ever wondered The scratches at the window, the shadows in the trees did you ever stop to think Innocent but frightening sounds may be anything but innocent, as these stories relate so well There is one thing that unifies them every one of the frights of the night is a direct result of the actions of one or two people So have you ever thought that maybe you have brought them on yourself A ga...

  3. Christopher Antony says:

    Great story, scary but with an important moral lesson.When an amoral young woman engages in an affair with a married man, she doesn t realise that she is about to experience a truly terrifying ordeal Som...

  4. Tamika Polk says:

    Thought provoking and interestingI really liked this book It was interesting, and I couldn t wait to find out how it was going to end I have recommended it to several of my friends, and plan to recommend it to several work.

  5. Christopher Antony says:

    Gripping tale with a compelling moral dimension.This book grabs the reader from page one and draws him her into the nightmare world of alcoholic dependence and domestic violence.The author has the great talent of being able to make the reader see the story from the point of view of the young Ramesh, as well as him as an adult.There are elements of the supernatural and demonic h...

  6. Tamika Polk says:

    Wonderfully well written bookWhen I started reading this book, I didn t want to put it down It kept me spellbound I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading a good book.

  7. Brian O& says:

    When I first decided to read A Hell for All Seasons by Emiliya Ahmadova, I was under the impression that I was embarking on a series of psychological stories focussing on behavioural motivations, facing the consequences of choices, and issues of that ilk It surprised me somewhat to find that I was actually reading a series of short horror stories This is normally not a genre that I read nor, as a general rule, do I read short stories And I have to confess, if the stories had been written by any other author, I almost certainly would have abandoned them However, Emiliya Ahmadova has a way of getting under your skin, and as I read on I suddenly realised that I was hooked It was interesting for me to discover that as I read, the pattern of the words set up a curiously offbeat rhythm in my head, almost as if I was reading English prose that had a foreign accent That puzzled me enough to check out the author, at which time I discovered that she speaks four languages English, Russian, Turkish, Azeri and that, in fact, her native tongue is Azeri Yet here she is, writing a book in English.This, I thought was mightily impressive and I returned to the stories with renewed interest.Emiliya Ahmadova has much to offer in this bo...

  8. Robin Goodfellow says:

    A Hell for All Seasons, by Emiliya Ahmadova, is a collection of horrific tales about the people who managed to escape damnation From accidentally bartering your soul to a demon, to breaking up marriages if only for the sake of your vanity, to even being bullied in class, these short stories are rife with meticulous detail and imagery There is a frightening satisfaction in reading these stories a majority of the characters endeavor to clean up their sins, either through a simple prayer, or running from the ghost chasing you, Ahmadova intertwines frightening monsters with a simple, yet complex narrative that reminds readers the morals humanity tends to leave behind and, eventually, forget.While I enjoyed the stories in this collection, one that resonated with me the most was Revenge, a story about a young girl who was bullied at her school because her mother had, albeit unknowingly, embarrassed her The way Katrina handled the predicament was wonderful, so very reminiscence of Stephen King s Carrie, alongside the many articles of what happens when prey is cornered Personally, I wanted Lisa and those other kids to suffer, but alas, Katrina is kinder than I am Repetitive themes of damnation and redemption also found throughout these stories, which help cultivate a sort of religious feel to them It can be a bit overbear...

  9. Brian D. Harvey says:

    Although the author of this povest is from Azerbaijan, at its core this tale entitled A Glimpse of the Future betrays a fascination with spirituality and religion as an intricate aspect of the Slavic soul, with its focus often on the supernatural, the occult, and the paranormal These genres often cross into Western notions of magic and fantasy, with deep roots in the English Gothic and the American Horror as represented in the notable New England prose writer Edgar Allan Poe.In these common thematics lie the relationship between the real and the supernatural In a forthcoming compilation by Emiliya Ahmadova of all her tales of the supernatural, entitled Across the Darkness, there is a thread of what has been described by one scholar as the powers of existence not under human control, including the invisible forces governing society in which time seems to become absolutely unhinged and utterly suspended.There is a contemporary resonance of her themes and style, certainly in modern Russia with its own obsession with the paranormal in its contemporary media As a student of Slavic languages and literatures, I have thor...

  10. Lisa says:

    This is a fantastic collection of short stories Each one is horrific in its own way From demons and the occult to curiosity and hypocrisy, the way one wrong turn can completely change a life is subtly and chillingly demonstrated The way you look at things, including dreams, and the way you think is liable to be changed Great job, Emiliya Ahmadova A Glimpse of the Future A perfect, chilling picture of how demonic influence can enter one s life and take it over A Visit to Hell A woman with a rather loose lifestyle discovers that it isn t all it s cracked up to be Revenge This is one very strange story of revenge, but it is also one of forgiveness The Cowboy and the Beast A truly terrifying tale of a monstrous creature that is targeting one man and his wife Across the Darkness Not for the faint of heart, this tale of the occult, demonic oppression and possession, and redemption has the potential to keep you awake at night...

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