Unhallowed Murder

Unhallowed Murder Ebook Unhallowed Murder Author Simon Nash Vinoschilenos.eu The Academic Adam Ludlow And Inspector Montero Are Confronted By The Murdered Body Of The Aged Vicar Of A London Church They Are Immediately Embroiled In The Steaming Cauldron Of Parish Politics As Several Church Members Including A Young Curate And A Fanatical Woman Who Feared The Vicar Was Going Over To Rome Present Themselves As Prime Suspects To Complete This Strange Brew, Unknown Satanists Menace Ludlow And Montero As Both Men Pursue This Bizarre Case With Their Customary And Most Engaging Rivalry.

  • 2.2
  • 200
  • English
  • 23 September 2018
  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • 9780060807580
  • Unhallowed Murder
  • Simon Nash

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  1. Bev says:

    Unhallowed Murder 1966 is the final in a series of academically inclined detective novels by Simon Nash Nash is the pen name, formed from the maiden names of his two grandmothers, used by Raymond Chapman, Emeritus Professor of English at London University and an Anglican priest, for five mystery novels published in the 1960s Unlike the previous three mysteries by Nash I have yet to get my hands on Dead Woman s Ditch , Unhallowed Murder begins with Inspector Montero rather than Adam Ludlow Montero and Jack Springer are called upon to investigate a series of acts of vandalism perpetrated in a local London church It looks very much like a bunch of Satanists have taken the place over for nightly Black Magic rituals But before they can even interview the aged Vicar he is found shot to death in his parish office There are several likely candidates for chief murderer from the young curate who resented having to wait for his parish home to parish council members who thought perhaps the Vicar s personal fortune might be better left to the church sooner than later to the woman on the council who distrusted his Romish ways to the nephew who also could use his piece of uncle s legacy pie Or is it possible that someone killed the Vicar to get their hands on the rare books that he claims to have bought over the years This book also relies less on Ludlow s academic connecti...

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