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There Be Demons Epub There Be Demons Author M.K Theodoratus Natus When Demons Overrun The City, Gillen, The Leader Of The Gargoyle Guardians, Requests Reinforcements His Commanders Send Four Untrained Teens From The Projects Not Only Does Britt Kelly Discover She Must Cope With A New High School But Demons Truly Exist.

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  • 21 July 2018
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  • 9780999203903
  • There Be Demons
  • M.K. Theodoratus

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  1. Siobhan says:

    There Be Demons by M.K Theodoratus is one of those books I was drawn to due to the lack of information received by the synopsis There was enough to leave me intrigued, but not enough to leave me able to predict how the story would play out In other words, the possibilities this book had pulled me in.With any book that contains demons, I found myself expecting a rather dark book Whenever I read demons I always hope for the darker Supernatural episodes, those where everything that could goes wrong does go wrong What I often forget, as I did with this book, is that the level of demonic darkness I expect does not occur within young adult urban fantasy books Thus, what I received wasn t quite what I had been hoping for when I read the synopsis It was a fun book, I cannot deny that, but it had a few too many of the standard young adult fantasy elements for me to be truly blown away by it.The premise of the story was really interesting, with there being plenty of elements throughout that I found myself really enjoying There are plenty of books that cover the battle between angels and demons, but I have read few books where we have gargoyles It was a nice change to the usual, and I instantly found myself intrigued by this element of the story It was something different, and I always enjoy something different However, I do feel as though I never did learn as much about the gargoyles as I had hoped to There were many ...

  2. Angela says:

    4 StarsThere Be Demons is the first book in the Andor Demon Wars Series by M.K Theodoratus is a really great YA urban fantasy with an action packed adventure woven through it There is lots of danger, demons, gargoyle guardians, discoveries, mayhem, drama, mystery, magic, battles, and so much As with my previous read from Ms Theodoratus, this story made for great reading, with an intriguing plot, well written story, fantastic world building, and interesting characters who swept me along with them as their adventure unfolded, engaging my attention right till the very end.This is a very different world to ours where the city of Trebridge has been invaded by Demons from Gehenathh The only thing standing in the demon s way are four gargoyle guardians who are tasked with protecting the city When Gillen, the leader of the gargoyles sends for reinforcements, the commanders Angeli send four inexperienced teenagers to help battle the demons Britt Kelly is one of the teens who were drafted by the Angeli commanders and se...

  3. Happy Booker says:

    A conflict of interest is what seems to be the primary deal with this story Demons need a warm environment to keep their young, and the people of Trebridge are fighting against the invasion in order to survive The Gargoyles act as guardians, as Gillen leads them to war but he can t do it alone, and so the Angeli send a group of teenagers to help them succeed.The storyline has a mixture of demons, magic, fantasy, battles and teenage drama The concept of the story was interesting to read What I believe it lacked a little was in its world development I enjoyed the conflict between wanting to be a teenager and having a normal life rather than fighting and using their magic.The literature was easy to read and to follow The story always kept its pace and the reader interested in wanting to know about what s going to happen next I think what stood out was the multi disciplinary approach towards the genre It was ap...

  4. Owen Jones says:

    There Be Demons by M K Theodoratus is a Contemporary Fantasy Fiction written in the third person and set in a city called Trebridge on a world called Andron, where most people are human However, demons and imps led by the evil Lord Vetis and his somewhat silly lieutentant, Abraxus, have plans to invade, for which purpose they have established at least one seep, which is like a worm hole, from their world into Andron.The main seep is in a soon to be demolished cmmunity church called St Edmund s, and it is closely guarded by four gargoyles, who are sworn to protect mankind Nevertheless, these protectors of humanity still require human help and this comes in the form of four teenage school friends led by a wilful girl named Britt The head gargoyle, Gillen, is very concerned when his promised psychic reinforcements are just teenagers.Britt and her friends study at a school run by nuns on the poorer side of town and the nuns play a role in the ultimate battle with the evil ones who seek to possess them The penultimate scene us the battle between the human and the demon teams.There is a correlation between the society, the church and the religion in There Be Demons with American society and the Christian Catholic Church, and it is interesting to match up the parallels.I thoroughly enjoyed There Be Demons even though it is not my preferred genre I thought that the characters were well drawn, and that the b...

  5. Grady says:

    Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, human or gargoyle Colorado author M.K Theodoratus was originally form Northern California and her love of that area has followed her writing themes and atmospheres in creating her fantasy spaces such as Andor When Kay began writing she concentrated on mysteries, but now she is committed to fantasies AS she states, My main two worlds are Andor where demons prey upon humans and other supernatural events occur and the Marches of the Far Isles And so we are off to the land of Andor and Kay s perky prose spikes the atmosphere with just the right amount of perky good fun that makes fantasy realms credible at least while reading her book He style of writing is evident in the opening paragraphs Demon lord Prince Vetis surged from the soft dirt of the portal His magnificence blazed brighter than Andor s setting sun Dim though it was, the greenish sky made his three lidless, reddish eyes blink and water He stepped under a tree for protection The narrow portal, stretched by his power to accommodate the wide horns sprouting from the sides of his head, closed with a soft hiss behind him He...

  6. Grant Leishman says:

    There Be Demons By M K Theodoratus Editorial Review for the Author Resource Centre Prepared by Grant Leishman There are demons among us and we aren t even aware of it In the city of Trebridge, Andor, demons seek to take over the world, to inhabit humans and to wreak havoc and destruction everywhere All that keeps these foul smelling, evil creatures at bay are a squad of Gargoyles, attached to a Church in Trebridge and four young teenagers, led by the feisty, but shy, fourteen year old Britt, who will become the Gargoyle gang, as they find themselves pitted against some of the most evil creatures the Universe has ever spawned In There Be Demons by M K Theodoratus, we are introduced to this unlikely band of demon hunters All four live in the Towers project, a high rise that is inner city slum territory Britt lives, in a two bedroomed apartment, with her Mum, two younger brothers, her half sister Pietra and Pietra s two young babies Crowded, poor, and often hungry, after being abandoned by their philandering father, Britt has everything stacked against her, getting ahead in life A scholarship to St Cecilia s High School ensures she will receive the educ...

  7. Payal Sinha says:

    There Be Demons is a story targeted at teenagers, but I being an adult also highly enjoyed it Before gifting any books to my kids I make it a point to read the books myself, and found There Be Demons to be a clean, educative, and enjoyable books for young people The start of the book is average, but as you proceed into the book the story gets interesting and maintains this interest till the very end Our heroine Britt is a tall and lanky teenager with a terrible temper Yet, she knows how to control this temper and use her head in an intelligent manner to save people and solve disputes While she is of course being the heroine the savior of mankind, but there are other qualities about her that teenagers should learn and imbibe For example, she knows how to present in a situation and convince other people to dress appropriately for a given occasion She knows how to keep her mouth shut in the face of a shouting mother She knows how to handle a bully without incurring his wrath or anger She knows how to solve dispute so that people actually follow her advice and play any game in a companionable manner She knows when to act meek and dumb when in fact she is boiling with anger an...

  8. Laura Furuta says:

    There Be Demons Andor Demon Wars Book 1 By M K Theodoratus5 out of 5 starsThe story There Be Demons Andor Demon Wars Book 1 by M K Theodoratus is a wonderful fantasy book that I loved reading It is a story that does an amazing job of world building and includes action, magic, and danger It is a book that drew me in from the beginning and I was hooked It had me turning pages wondering what was going to happen next I enjoyed reading about the character of Britt Kelly She is a girl who at times is angry and is having a hard time dealing with her parent s divorce She then finds herself and a few of her friends drafted to become demon hunters with a group of Gargoyle guardians all the while dealing with the normal day to day worries of being a teenager Will Britt and her friends be able to stop the evil demon s plans Read this book to find out This story will appeal to anyone who loves fantasy and a fight between good vs evil Being a teenager is hard enough without the fight that Britt and her friends have on their hands Worrying about schoolwork, what others say about them, and even a little romance makes for a full life Add in demons and it gets quite hectic Britt and her friends are teenagers in the way that they question authority and those who try to control what they do I loved the spirit they show and also the loyalty that they have for each other I enjoyed how detailed that the book was There are times that I felt like I was right there wit...

  9. E.A. says:

    There Be Demons Andor Demon Wars Book 1 by M K Theodoratus was an addicting read that had me hooked Not my first read by this author, I knew going in that I was in for an detailed rich read, full of wonderful characters I was not disappointed, this book met all my expectations and A solid read, I loved the flow and the pacing I will say that this book put a lot of time into building up the characters, a lot of introductions, background, and setting up the overall plot This book, in the greater sense is a set up book for the series to come This seems to be the growing trend lately, and to be frank, I m not that big of a fan of it Now, as far as set up books goes this one was pretty freaking good, and if the background was tone down a tad, I d say it would have had the perfect balance It was the shortness of ...

  10. Jessica Bronder says:

    Demons have invaded Trebridge and it is up to Gillen and the Gargoyle Guardians to protect the city But they cannot do this alone, Gillen is going to need back up What he gets is Britt Kelly, a 14 year old girl with magical abilities that she would rather not have Britt just wants to be a normal teenager and adjust to her new school But Britt and three other teens are going to have to learn how to use their abilities to fight the demons and imps.You don t have that many books that have gargoyles in them but I have to say that I think they are one of my favorite mythical creatures Gillen is a great leader and I love how he works with the kids training them Britt is a great, strong character for being 14 years old I understand how she just wants to be normal but I enjoyed watching her grown into her role.There is a lot of action and a bunch of mistakes as the kids learn their limitations the hard way This is a great story that is easy to get...

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