Song on the Sand

Song on the Sand EPUB Song On The Sand Author Ruth Sims Tony Dalby Finds Himself On The Wrong End Of His 80s, Confined To A Nursing Home, With His Days As A Dancer A Thing Of The Past The Appearance Of Drew Into His Life Brings A Welcome Distraction, As Well As A Bit Of Mystery As To Why Drew Constantly Visits The Wheelchair Bound, Comatose Jesse As Secrets Are Revealed, Dalby Finds He May Have A Renewed Purpose For Living After All.

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  • 04 June 2018
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  • Song on the Sand
  • Ruth Sims

10 thoughts on “Song on the Sand

  1. Jenre says:

    This review can also be found at Brief Encounters ReviewsThis highly unusual short story from Ruth Sims is written from the point of view of Tony He s an actor who spent his entire acting life in bit parts and later TV commercials Now in his eighties he spends his days in a nursing home unable to get about due to weak legs He uses his time making life awkward for the nursing staff and being grumpy about being an old man Tony meets a young man, Drew, who comes to visit his friend Jesse at the nursing home As the two get to know each other Tony becomes attached to both Drew and Jesse, and in turn begins to see how life can be than sitting about waiting to die.As you can see from my quick summary above, this is not your conventional romance It does, however, contain a romantic subplot and a happy ending of sorts The story is than a romance though and in fact has a rather poignant and bittersweet theme of lost chances and making the most of life as it is Tony isn t the most sympathetic of characters at first He s rude and disagreeable to the staff he s mired in a bitterness about his old age and lost youth and he deliberately refuses to make changes to his life to improve his situation His meeting with Drew acts as a catalyst for change and one of the most pleasing aspects of this book was the development o...

  2. Kassa says:

    4.5 starsIt s no secret that I m a fan of Ruth Sims writing but when she creates such fabulous works like this short story, I can only wonder why everyone isn t a fan This short story is just a glimpse but it s powerful, moving, beautifully written and truly amazing Giving a voice to a generation and age range that are almost forgotten or ignored just highlights the impact and quality of this work These few pages are a must read for romance fans.Tony Dalby is in his late 80 s, living in a nursing home and desperately depressed He s angry and combative to the workers and hates his life He s confined to a wheelchair and has given up any hope of walking or giving his life meaning He mourns and remembers the time he was an actor, singer, and dancer before he made a mistake and lost it all due to his ego He befriends a handsome young man that comes to the nursing home to visit his comatose, damaged lover and the friendship gives Tony s life new meaning.The story is steeped in romance from Jesse and Drew s tragic love to the ro...

  3. Gerry Burnie says:

    Gerry B s Book Reviews someone who knows, I ve always said that a sure sign of getting old is when nearly every topic begins with, I used to Ruth Sims has captured this regrettable fact remarkably well in her poignant short story, Song on the Sand Untreed Reads, 2010 In fact Tony Dalby and I share quite a few I used tos I was a former dancer who now only walks with the aid of a walker I was also an actor and singer who once played Curly in Oklahoma like Jesse , so I could relate to Tony Dalby at a very personal level However, unlike Dalby I have never developed a resentment for the loss of these abilities That s what makes Song on the Sand so poignant, though Conflict and resolution, which Ms Sims weaves into the narrative with remarkable believability.Tony Dalby is a somewhat bitter old man, irascible as well, confined to a wheelchair in an impersonal nursing home He is in fact what we all fear about getting old finding ourselves helpless, alone and lonely Redemption is on the way, however, in the person of a handsome young stranger named Drew He...

  4. Sadonna says:

    This is a simply breathtaking short story Poignant throughout One end of life story that is only too common feelings of regret, uselessness, infirmity Then comes a focus on someone else and the change that brings Finally a bitter...

  5. P.D. Singer says:

    I first met this story as an excerpt posted on the author s blog, and was moved to write the following after only a few hundred words You have just officially broken my heart This is what I do professionally not primary care, but admin supply a couple levels up and out and what I ve felt lurking in everyone I talk to You ve given them the voice that I hear as a sussurus of time and experience, of knowledge forgotten as words Sometimes as disjointed conversations, sometimes as the cry of one whose body will no longer do his will Excuse me, I m going to go cry now.And I did Then I ran to read the rest I stand by those words, but know that the despair drawn so eloquently at the beginning changes to other emotions th...

  6. Lee says:

    Song on the Sand is an excellent book The writing is superb, as would be expected from Ms Sims Song on the Sand is written with a very light hand, which is amazing considering the book s subject The character are adorable and ...

  7. Ebook Addict Reviews says:

    Brilliant, was the first word that came to mind after reading Song on the Sand by Ruth Sims, because I liked it very much and was left completely satisfied There was plenty of wry wit, believable conflict, both internal and external, and from the very first page I was drawn into caring for and sympathizing with the main character Song on the Sand is based in a contemporary time period with light touches hi...

  8. Lesley Hastings says:

    This is a beautiful short story about Tony Dalby, an actor and singer who never quite made it big These days, he spends his time in a nursing home, taking out his frustrations on the mostly consdescending staff, many of whom seem to think that his age and disability make him a child Tony s life grows brighter, however, when he meets Drew, who visits his 29 year old partner Jesse, who has been left blind, deaf, and unable to walk after a car accident As Tony learns ab...

  9. Simon says:

    A short story and so very sad Tony is 86 in a nursing home and bitter Bitter about the life that has passed him by, the break in show business he managed to fudge, his plaid slippers Enter Drew, a young, handsome man visiting his cousin aged 29, brain damaged in a car accident Only the cousin is not a cousin, Jesse is Drew s lover, an actor like Tony.This is a simply written and poignant story The d...

  10. Eden Winters says:

    I don t have enough words to express the beauty of this story I found myself in the body of an eighty six year old man, so talented is this author, sharing his triumphs and shortcomings The love story touched on in this book brought bittersweet tears to my eyes Bravo, Ms Sims This one is a keeper.

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