City of Ruins: Danger Boy Episode 4 (Danger Boy)

City of Ruins: Danger Boy Episode 4 (Danger Boy) ➵ [Reading] ➷ City of Ruins: Danger Boy Episode 4 (Danger Boy) By Mark London Williams ➪ – Danger Boy Is Back With The Deadly Slow Pox Spreading, The Time Traveling Trio Hurtle Back To Jerusalem Circa 583 BCE.After Another Close Call, The Good News Is That Eli Sands, Aka Danger Boy, Is Back In San Francisco In 2020 The Bad News Is That Eli And His Friends, Clyne The Evolved Dinosaur And Thea The Alexandrian Scholar, Are Being Held Captive By The Government Agency DARPA Since Their Last Foray Into The Fifth Dimension, It Seems History Has Been Unraveling Everywhere, And The Deadly Slow Pox Virus Is Spreading Fast DARPA S Plan Is For Eli To Visit Ancient Jerusalem But Eli And Crew Discover That The City Is In Ruins From A Babylonian Invasion, And Soon An Angry Mob Is Ready To Stone Them Will Danger Boy And His Friends Find Their Way Home Again

  • 2.2
  • 1917
  • English
  • 26 September 2017
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • 9780763628710
  • City of Ruins: Danger Boy Episode 4 (Danger Boy)
  • Mark London Williams

10 thoughts on “City of Ruins: Danger Boy Episode 4 (Danger Boy)

  1. Gage Roelofs says:

    The book Danger Boy by Mark London Williams was not a very good book All throughout the book, there is too much dialogue and not enough action Even though it is the 4th book, it should still explain about what happened in the previous books When people like me jump into the serie...

  2. Dakota says:

    I thought the book was done really well I would have rated it higher but I didn t care to much for the ending of the book and what happened to the characters I was hoping the characters could be reunited once again and live happily ever after or something similar since they have been stuck time traveling for a while now I guess part of how ...

  3. Courtney says:

    This book has been my favorite book out of the Danger Boy series so far This time Eli and his friends ended up in Jerusalem right after the Babylonians came They get stuck there until they come up with a good plan that gets them unstuck from time but in that process they get split up once again.

  4. Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToo.comIt s the year 2020 and Eli Sands is being held captive by DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency , the people who pushed him into this whole Danger Boy, time travel thing to begin with They claim to be studying him to find out what it is about his bio mechanical structure that gives him the ability to travel through time unharmed But, that s about all they ll tell him, and it s the least of his concerns Eli has many important questions, like where are they keeping his friends Thea, a human girl from far in the past, and Cline, a highly evolved dragon like creature from a completely different time and place, have become Eli s time travel companions Eli doesn t like being apart from the family they have created Speaking of family, where is Eli s mother He hasn t seen her since they all accidentally ended up in the 1960 s If DARPA can keep track of him, why can t they seem to locate his mom And how about his dad Isn t he supposed to be working for them The only personal contact Eli has is with the DARPA agents, and he only knows them by number, not even their code names, much less their real names When the alarm goes off and Eli is deserted, he sees an opportunity that he can t pass up He escapes his prison and wanders through the DARPA tunnels in search of his friends, and maybe some answers Finding his friends proves to be the easy part, and raises questions than answers Cline mysteriously appears...

  5. Amelia Nichole Defield says:

    I read the first three Danger Boy books 4 5 years ago and I loved them I remember these novels really stood out to me because the author didn t talk down to me It felt like real problems being solved by real kids like me I was very excited to find out there was another book which continued the adventure of Eli, Thea, and Clyne.Clyne, the talking dinosaur from another dimension, is my favorite character Just the premise of his character is enough to get a giggle out of most people His unique, naive perspective on the adventure balances the serious perspective of Eli in this book.The trio traveled back to Jerusalem so there was bound to be religious themes and I think the author handled them well He portrayed the prophet as a person rather than an unreachable person Other novels can get bogged down and forget to move the plot when they introduce religious themes.As Thea spent most of this novel sick, we didn t get to see much from her, but I noticed there was some hints that we don t know everything about Thea I will be interested to see her character develop in the next novel.Eli grew up in the span of this novel and I could relate to the way he felt Going from wanting to be a grown up or suddenly being that grown up person and having younger kids look up to you is confusing Responsibly makes the adult and Eli has realized that if he acts like an adult, people will respect him This is not an ...

  6. Jailynn says:

    I almost did not read these because of the corny name but my 14 year old son and I really liked them, very fun I liked the episode 2 one the best since we go to S.F often We are ready for number 5 to come out.

  7. PWRL says:


  8. Luke says:

    Just couldn t get through it

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