The Jasmine Trade

The Jasmine Trade Download XB The Jasmine Trade Author Denise Hamilton Easyfaroairporttransfers Everything Was Set Seventeen Year Old Marina Lu Had Even Ordered Custom Made Gowns For The Ten Bridesmaids Who, In Several Months Time, Would Have Preceded Her Down The Aisle At Her Storybook Wedding There Isn T Going To Be A Wedding Marina Lies Dead, Alone In Her Shiny Status Car In A Suburban Shopping Center Parking Lot, Her Two Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Refracting Another Abruptly Shattered Los Angeles Dream Was Her Death Merely A Carjacking Gone Bad Or Is There To The Story Marina S Murder Chillingly Introduces Los Angeles Times Reporter Eve Diamond To A Subculture Of Parachute Kids, The Rich Asian Teens Who Are Left To Their Own Devices In California While Their Parents Live And Work In Hong Kong Seeking American Education And Political Stability For Their Children, The Affluent Parents Often Leave Only An Elderly Housekeeper In Charge Of Their Vulnerable Offspring What Was Marina S Story Why Was She, At Such A Young Age, Marrying Twenty Four Year Old Michael Ho Why Is Marina S Father, Banker Reginald Lu, So Reluctant To Provide Information As Eve Delves Deeper Into The Mysteries Surrounding Marina S Life And Death, She Stumbles Upon A Troubled World Of Unmoored Youth And Parental Neglect But Marina, In Many Ways, Would Seem To Have Been Among The Fortunate She Had Money And Her Parents Had Power Eve Soon Discovers A Dramatically Tragic Subculture, Where Destitute Young Asian Immigrants Live In Virtual Sexual Slavery The Story Of May Li And Her Journey From A Poor Farming Home In Fujian, China, To A Brothel In Los Angeles Is One That Eve Will Fight To Tell And Will Never Forget A Moving, Noir Accented Crime Novel That Opensa Rare Window To An Intriguing Subject, The Jasmine Trade Is A Passionate And Polished Debut From An Exciting New Author

  • 4.5
  • 083
  • English
  • 19 February 2018
  • Kindle Edition
  • 352 pages
  • The Jasmine Trade
  • Denise Hamilton

10 thoughts on “The Jasmine Trade

  1. Dan says:

    This book, written in 2001, is set in the new San Gabriel Valley Chinatowns of Alhambra, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, and San Marino It is a murder mystery set against the background of this burgeoning community The murder mystery was interesting but it is the background that I read the book for I have lived most of my life in the San Gabriel, including in Alhambra, and have seen this community spring up like a mushroom out of nowhere.I have been back to where I spent my very early years, just cruising by to observe, and see almost no trace of the white working class neighborhood that is was It has nearly completely transformed into an American version of China I ve been to see where my grandmother lived the last couple decades of her life in Arcadia and the same thing has happened Where there was a Lucky s, there is a 99 Ranch Market Where there was the Horseshoe Bar, there is Bar.I live 3 miles from where I grew up, and have been transformed along with the comunity I have a Chinese attorney, Chinese accountant, Chinese now Chinese American wife, Chinese in laws and a son of Chinese ancestry I have been to an interior city in China 2 times in the last 6 years and will in all likelihood go back again next year.If you are from the San Gabriel, or live in the San Gabriel valley now, read this book If you know nothing about this community, it will serve as your introduction to Chinese triads, parachute kids, f...

  2. Deborah says:

    This review involves than one Denise Hamilton novel.I cannot say enough about the writing style of Denise Hamilton She not only knows the streets of LA, she breathes life into them through her every written word It s chilling to read her books Denise has the skill of a fine surgeon, knowing just when and where to place the razor and how to cut to release that last shred of skin between our belief and disbelief Her hand is quick and so adept we hardly know we ve been had until it s over and we re shocked to see our heart in our hands She is a master writer of this genre I have a feeling Denise is a masterful writer of anything she chooses to put her mind to I thinks she s spoiled me for reading anyone else in noir fiction, female or male The Jasmine Trade is breathtaking I was completely spellbound by the insider information and story surrounding a young girl killed outside a shop with her bridal dresses in her car What starts out as a horrendous, but not that unusual these days, tale of a young girl s tragic murder, turned into a spider web of the macabre for me Denise H...

  3. Paul says:

    This is a good first novel by the Los Angeles based crime novelist The characters are well drawn, the plot moves briskly and the ending has an interesting twist At times the level of suspense sags a little but overall this is a good page turner The issue of parachute kids , foreign nationals left under loose guardianship in LA by wealthy parents working abroad, is explored in depth and adds another dimension to the novel The plot is set in motion by the murder of one such person, the daughter of a wealthy banker who is shot in her car at a mall The protagonist, Eve Diamond, is assigned to the story and discovers there is going on than the apparent ...

  4. Alice Neilson says:

    A 3 1 2 Stars Reporter Eve Diamond, in researching a news article, uncovers the existence of parachute kids in Los Angeles San Gabriel Valley There are Asian high school students who are living in luxurious homes with only a housekeeper while their parents are in China Hong Kong earning a living, doing business These parents want an American education for their kids but don t realize that they have beco...

  5. Patricia says:

    This will be a good light reading series The main character and narrator, Eve Diamond, is a young reporter for the LA times In this first novel in the series, she becomes embroiled in the Chinese Tong while trying to uncover the story of the de...

  6. Heather says:

    I read this book in a weekend

  7. Frank says:

    Good thriller.

  8. Maddy says:

    RATING 3.75A parachute kid is the child who lives in a family mansion in California while his or her wealthy parents live and work in Hong Kong It s hard to imagine that such a thing goes on, but Denise Hamilton portrays the lifestyles of these lost and lonely children in a touching way in her debut novel, THE JASMINE TRADE Generally, an adult is hired to look after them and manage the practical aspects of their lives They return from school to an empty home and have very little guidance or direction Then there are the Asian kids who live with parents who expect them to follow the ways of the old culture Ultimately, they rebel, often running away from home and ending up in deplorable situations.Marina Lu was a parachute kid until she was killed in a suburban shopping mall She was only 17 years old but drove a Lexus and had a sparkling engagement ring on her hand LA Times Reporter Eve Diamond begins to investigate the alleged carjacking but finds that there s a lot to the picture than meets the eye At the same time, she is handling her various other assignments for...

  9. Jennifer says:

    I liked this a good solid mystery with a really interesting background story about parachute kids in L.A. These are Asian kids whose parents buy houses in the best neighborhoods and send them to the best schools, but leave them largely unsupervised when the parents return to the home country China, Hong Kong, etc to continue life and business as usual but leave the kids to get the best education The result is that many of these kids fall in with the wrong crowd interesting how some of them can simultaneously be straight A students but moonlighting with Asian gangs as guards in suburban brothels to make lots of cash.This is a murder mystery and it goes deeper than that as it uncovers the layers of the L.A parachute kid scene, which made it interesting to me than your standard mystery The writing was really great at times, the author does a great job of bringing the reader right...

  10. Foxy Grandma says:

    This book started out as your normal crime mystery story But it quickly became a lot The subject became about the parachute kids in the San Gabriel Valley who are sent to America for an education while their parents return to Hong Kong and Singapore to run their businesses These children who have the best of everything and are privileged in every way but one, They have no warmth, no family, no connections here They do have lot of pressure on them to maintain the highest level of grads as well as self supervising themselves They also have no street smarts, thus they get sucked into a world of peril with the Asian gangs, organized crimi...

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