Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction ➩ Eve of Destruction Ebook ➿ Author S.J. Day – Undercostruction.eu Class Is In, But Evangeline Hollis Is Struggling To Get Through The Requisite Training To Be A Full Fledged Mark When Her Class Goes On A Field Trip To An Abandoned Military Base, Passing The Course Isn T Just A Matter Of Pride It S A Matter Of Life And Death There S A Demon Hidden Among Them, Killing Off Eve S Classmates One By One.As The Body Count Mounts, A Ragtag Team Of Cable TV Ghost Hunters Unwittingly Stumbles Into The Carnage Now Keeping The Mark System Secret Competes With The Need To Keep The Paranormal Researchers Alive With Cain On Assignment And Abel On An Investigation, Eve Must Fly Solo On Her Hunt To Stop A Killer Before He Strikes Again.At The Publisher S Request, This Title Is Being Sold Without Digital Rights Management Software DRM Applied.

  • 4.5
  • 8040
  • English
  • 12 February 2017
  • ebook
  • 432 pages
  • 9781429926065
  • Eve of Destruction
  • S.J. Day

10 thoughts on “Eve of Destruction

  1. Sandi says:

    I just have to say that Tor s marketing for this series is absolute genius They released the first book, Eve of Darkness, at the end of April This one, Eve of Destruction, followed on June 1, and the finale, Eve of Chaos, came out on June 30 I call this genius marketing because they are perfect beach reads and it s hard to imagine having to wait a year or for the next installment I think the series would probably lose momentum if the reader had to wait for the next volume.Eve of Destruction starts off after the first scene of Eve of Darkness The first book starts at the end and the rest of the story is told as a flashback In Eve of Destruction, Eve is coming to terms with having been chosen as a Mark and is beginning her serious training as a hunter of infernals We learn a lot about the nature of angels, marks, and infernals The story zips right along It s an episode of Ghost Hunters at Camp Cryst...

  2. Melliane says:

    3.5 5Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewI liked the first volume of the series and I confess that I was curious to read what would happen after such an end We find all our characters in a different story Indeed, while Cain is sent to investigate the facts that took place in the first volume, Eve must take courses in order to become a true Mark Yet nothing will happen as planned As everyone went their own ways, Cain realizes that some paranormal creatures act in a very strange way Trying to understand what is going on, he will have to leave Eve behind to discover the truth Meanwhile, our heroine is taking classes with other people like her on an abandoned basis The problems begin to become delicate when one of the members is killed and it seems that this is only the beginning.It was a pretty nice volume and it was ...

  3. Ithlilian says:

    I m not sure where I sit on this series There are definitely some pros, but there are many cons First, this is a pretty large book for the urban fantasy genre at 418 pages By itself that doesn t make much difference, but when you compare it to the amount of plot progression you are left with a bit too much filler On one hand, I enjoy that the author planned out a trilogy and knew exactly what was going into each book before publishing On the other hand, I really think the trilogy could have been edited down It definitely would have benefited from less love story and plot progression I am eager to find out about the grand scheme of things and less about the main character s romantic life Also, I found the use of two names for each character a tad confusing Some may not have this problem, especially if they read the books right after one another I read the first book so long ago that I have a hard time telling Cain, Abel, Reed, Alec, Gadara and Raguel apart I had to constantly remind myself that Abel is Reed and so on The author will refer to him as Abel in one sentence and Reed the very next It doesn t help One plus side to Eve of Destruction is the presentation I was not a fan of the way the first...

  4. Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    Well, well, well Another winner from S.J Day in her Marked series, Eve of Destruction packs plenty of mystery, action, hot lust, and suspense into 414 pages of reading pleasure I would caution readers NOT to try and begin the trilogy with this story, book two Instead, go ahead and splurge cough up the seven bucks and hang on for the ride.Book two picks up right where Eve of Darkness left off Eve has been toasted literally by a dragon But it seems she has some information Heaven needs, so even though she should be deadshe s alive Eve is pretty sure her growing feelings for Cain and Abel of Biblical infamy also had something to do with her current state, but she s not about to argue about it Now it s time for newly marked Eve to head to training camp and learn how to battle the forces of Evil What she actually runs into is death, mayhem, dislike, jealousy, mental menage, and ah yesdestruction There are quite a few stunning surprises, and I can hardly bear to wait another twelve days to get my hands on book three.This is one kick a series The plot is still unfolding, although the reader isn t left hanging Eve is still torn between the brothers, but there are some big changes in the relationships It s also cool to find out about S.J Day s angels and where each fits into the scheme of things in her world I honestly can t find anything unflattering to say about thi...

  5. Nicole says:

    Guys, I am loving this series Everyone probably loves Cain but I am all about Abel.

  6. Unabridged Bibliophile says:


  7. Vanessa Montês says:

    Admito que n o tenho muito mais a dizer sobre este livro, porque vamos ser sinceros A hist ria n o varia assim tanto do primeiro Claro que um excelente livro e prendeu me do in cio ao fim, mas n o tem uma hist ria muito diferente do normal Melhor, n o tem assim nada de muito diferente d...

  8. ℏṳ❡ṧᾰɴᖱḉ✺✺к!ḙṧ says:

    Sometimes when I read the first book it s catching, but as you read on the next book it just kinds of lags for me and therefore I really kind of lose interest Hopefully I will get to complete this series at a later date.

  9. Catarina says:

    Uma mistura de er tico com a o e suspense Criaturas misticas como anjos e arcanjos Uma receita para um livro que nos prende e que nos faz perder a respira o.

  10. BCMUnlimited says:

    Well readers, we are back again Time to review another fabulous book by Sylvia Day, this time Eve of Destruction the fantastic sequel to Eve of Darkness.In my opinion, this book is ten times better than Eve of Darkness, and I LOVED that book This book is full of drama, jealousy, action, and overall awesomeness The PostiviesI really love that we see Eve in this book on her own rather than with a babysitter all of the time ie Alec, Reed, her mother She gets a chance to shine among her peers and show that she is worthy of all the craziness that is surrounding her Because of this, we learn of her strengths and weaknesses and we get a snapshot of how strong she will be in the next book, which rocks.I am excited that we get to know Reed better in this book In the last book, he really seems like an arogant jerk who only wants to bed Eve to make his brother jealous and ultimatley bring Alec down In the sequel, he is still arogant and jerky at times, but we understand why That he has trust issues and is scared of his true feelings He never wanted to like Eve, but he seems to be growing attached and that is scary He doesn t seem like the type to not be in control, and so when he loses control he freaks out and goes into ...

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