End Game (Phoenix Rebellion, #4)

End Game (Phoenix Rebellion, #4) PDF Epub End Game Phoenix Rebellion, 4 By Gail R Delaney Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Nick Tanner Set Out Months Ago To Find The Umani, Earth S Only Hope For Salvation Reaching Raxo Brought Revelations He Still Cannot Wrap His Head Around, And Now He S On His Way Home But Things Aren T The Same Not By A Long Shot Michael Tanner Has Struggled Since His Rescue From New Mexico To Find His Place In His New World He Still Questions His Past, His Existence, And The Man He Is Becoming He Has Also Found A Kind Of Love Like No Other A Father S Love His Childhood Was Nothing But Pain Can He Be A Good Father Jacqueline Anderson Challenges Him, Move Him, Confuses Him She Wants From Him, Than He Knows How To Give She Wants To Understand The Haunting Shadows Behind His Eyes Wants To Understand The Scars That Mark His Body The Battle To Survive Comes To A Crescendo, And Michael Will Finally Discover The Man He Is Meant To Be.

  • 3.4
  • 480
  • English
  • 24 June 2017
  • Kindle Edition
  • 274 pages
  • End Game (Phoenix Rebellion, #4)
  • Gail R. Delaney

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  1. Stephanie Burkhart says:

    Delaney crafts a compelling finish to The Phoenix Rebellion with End Game This final installment focuses on the romance between Michael and Jackie It is 2053 and the Soracchi have scorched the Earth, killing a majority of the population, keeping a handful of humans for their biological experiments Will hope arrive in time End Game grabs the reader s attention with a heart pounding chase The Soracchi are after Phoenix operative, Jackie Anderson Jackie, bone tired and weary, jumps into the Charles River, in Boston, to get away She makes her way to the Phoenix base in Tennessee where Michael and Lilly discover one of her ovaries missing Slowly, Jackie begins to recover.Col Nick Tanner, Michael s father, returns with Areth and Umani scout ships They have pledged their help to rid the Earth of the Soracchi He has a sweet reunion with CJ and the couple wed.With the help of the Areth s medical technology, the doctors determine that the Soracchi imprint in Victor is weak They offer to help Victor rid himself of his Soracchi parasite Victor agrees to th...

  2. Shing Shang13 says:

    3.75 stars I really liked this whole series Not too heavy, not too light This is a rare find in the romantic sci fi genre as in it doesn t reek of cheap sex scenes and shallow cookie cutter plots not that I always mind that Cleanly done, characters that you can fall in love with, fast paced, and good fun Great girly sci fi for those looking for than hot make out sessions One thing, NO CUSS WORDS I don t mind some cussing myself, but...

  3. Paula says:

    This entire series captivated my imagination and attention from the opening page The characters are real, sometimes raw with past pain, but overcome betrayal and anguish to find and live their lives of freedom and freedome fighters within a world unde...

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