Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy

Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy Ebook Taboo Secrets Of Pregnancy By Michelle Smith Brass, Outspoken And Witty, Taboo Secrets Of Pregnancy Dishes Out Practical Advice And Pee In Your Pants Fun Like No One Yet Join This Pregnant Mom Of Two As She Journeys Yet Again Through The Rough And Tumble Life Of A Pregger Boldly Proclaiming Taboo Truths On Those Touchy Subjects That Books Gloss Over And Doctors Forget To Mention.

  • 4.5
  • 008
  • 24 April 2017
  • Kindle Edition
  • Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy
  • Michelle Smith

10 thoughts on “Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy

  1. Sarah Hallgren says:

    Hilarious yet informative, what a fun read

  2. Courtney Holston Rosensweig says:

    I laughed hysterically every time I opened up this book Or Rather Turned On My Kindle To Read It My husband and I are considering children after this year and I wanted to get a head start by reading a few pregnancy books to get a good idea of what I was getting into Not only was this book informative...

  3. Kelly says:

    Not much of anything new or fresh here She goes for the scoop from your girlfriend your docs and the other books wouldn t tell you, except there really isn t much that isn t thoroughly covered elsewhe...

  4. Angy says:

    Some funny parts and some informative Most of it seemed like the author was trying to hard to be funny cool.

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