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Cheney's most hate filled tirade came all the rage a June 17 op ed he penned for the Wall Street Academic journal with his daughter and failed Board candidate, Liz. Oh, really? Unfortunately, designed for him, we remember that many of the problems Obama inherited, and is still struggling with, are a answer of the failed policies of the Bush administration: a bloated deficit caused by two rounds of tax cuts for the top 2 percent; the worst economic meltdown since the Absolute Depression; a disaffected world after years of go it alone, cowboy alien policy; America's number one enemy allay on the loose; and two damaging wars with no clear mission after that no end in sight. Among early presidents, there's an unwritten rule: Merienda you leave the game, you don't stand on the sidelines and analyse the man who took your area. Jordans Air Thus unbound, over the last six years, Cheney has unleashed a barrage of attacks against Head Obama, which former President Bill Clinton dubbed unseemly. I fundamentally disagree along with him.